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    I thought I’d share some words of wisdom from information I received from my IVF counsellors a while ago which I feel helped me. Hope it helps you too.

    Accept that your partner will be emotionally different to you. We don’t tend to ‘marry’ ourselves.

    ](*,) Modify your expectations of friends / family. Few will have bad intentions but unless they have stood in your shoes, they are guessing as to what you’re going through

    #-o Distinguish between things that you can and can’t influence. Eg. Your behaviour vs. other peoples behaviour

    8-[ Accept that you are negotiating a chaotic life path and life will inevitably feel out of control and/or stuck at times.

    =; Refuse to accept unfair judgements about you or the way you are handling your situation. Others are not in your shoes.

    :? Try to visualise many varied futures. Discuss your Plan B with your partner. It won’t make it any more likely to happen.

    :hugs: Adopt a best friend attitude to yourself. Eg. Accept/forgive rather than blame yourself.

    :flower: Educate friends and family if they are interested and keen to support you. Most people’s understanding of fertility and IVF has been formed through the media.


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    Great advice there Blue

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