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    Synarel - no AF


    Just wondering if anyone might know about synarel and stopping AF? I started Synarel 7 days ago on a down-regulated IVF cycle. Am due to have a blood test on 11 Jan and start Gonal-F shortly thereafter.

    When I picked up the Synarel (approx 7 days post ovulation) I said what happens if I am pregnant and should I have a blood test first to rule pregnancy out. The nurse said no, just take synarel, you won't be taking it for long enough to cause a problem if you are pregnant.

    So I started taking it and my period was due Thurs. Today is Fri and it hasn't arrived and not even a show of any kind to warn of its impending arrival. I did a HPT yesterday and today and it was negative.

    Does anyone know if Synarel can, after 6 days of taking it, stop my period from coming? I don't know whether to just stop taking the Synarel. I have read a lot about Synarel being contraindicated in pregnancy. The clinic said they wouldn't do a pregnancy test on me. I have also read about Synarel messing with hormornes so if you are pregnant it can cause it to miscarry.

    Just a bit confused as to what to do. I will call them in the morning and not take it tonight I think.

    Look forward to hearing from anyone who might know something about this.


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    I wasn't around earlier or I'd have told you not to stop aking the synarel. Yes synarel will often delay AF, I was on Lucrin (same medical function) and I've had AF arrive as late as 7 days after she was due. In that case, my clinic did do a BT, but mainly to check if my hormone levels were base-lining and not so much if I was pg. But I have never had AF arrive on time ever while on suppresant meds.

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    Hi Tucs,

    It must be pretty normal for Synarel and any suppressant meds to delay AF, as sushee says. I'm also on Synarel at the moment too for a down-reg cycle - I've been on it for 9 days. According to my normal cycle, AF should start today and there's no sign of her for now. In my last down-reg cycle, AF arrived almost 9 days late, when I had already started stims. I definitely wasn't pregnant and I wouldn't be now, as I've been taking OCP as part of down-reg as well.

    Has your down-reg involved taking the Pill (OCP) as well as Synarel? If so, and you've been taking it consistently, there would be almost no chance of you being pregnant in any case.

    Hope the clinic can help, but as sushee has said too, don't stop taking synarel before speaking to your clinic.

    Miss C

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