thread: Tell me your successful 2dt story?

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    Darily Guest

    Tell me your successful 2dt story?

    All I keep hearing these days is blast, blast, blast!

    I'm at Melbourne IVF and my FS has explained to me that their philosophy is to try to have the patient only do 1 stimulated cycle resulting in enough good quality embryo's to freeze, then put one 2 day embie back each cycle until a pregnancy occurs or until we run out of frosties and have to do another stim cycle.

    I'm just lacking confidence that a 2dt is the way to go, when there is research that single embryo transfers have the same odds of success as double embryo transfers, if using a blast.

    Anyone want to tell me I'm silly, stop stressing and that a 2dt works??

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    Dec 2006

    Hi i had 2 day 2 embryos put back and we got twins but sadly one died at 8weeks. We have a beautiful little girl now who i love to pieces. We have 4 day 6frozen blasties in the freezer. It was up to us to decide on having two put. The doctor advised against it but we didn't care. Two chances was better then one in our minds.
    Good luck on you IVF journey

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    Dec 2005

    Darily, my FS was adamant that the way to get me pregnant was with a blast. A frozen blast, no less.

    We had three frozen blasts transferred... all resulted in pregnancies... all resulted in miscarriages.

    I had one more frozen blast transferred - BFN.

    Then we had stim cycle three. We didn't get enough eggs to fertilise to be able to grow to blast, and ended up transferring at day 3. I'm cuddling a not-so-sleepy boy in my lap as proof positive that blast transfers are NOT the be all and end all of IVF.

    I can understand why you'd be thinking that blast transfers are the way to go, and they do look good on paper, but don't write off the earlier transfers just yet. Blast culture is really only good if your clinic is set up the right way for it, if your clinic prefers to do day 2 transfers then you can rest assured that's what they get their best results with. It differs from clinic to clinic and patient to patient.


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    Aug 2008

    Darily - I am with MIVF too so I've only done 2 day transfers. I have gotten pregnant 2 out of 4 cycles using 2 day transfers. The reason for the pregnancies m/c were because the embryos were chromosomally abnormal - nothing to do with the 2 day vs the 5 day. So as others have said, you can definitely get pregnant from a 2 day transfer. There is a stick thread somewhere on bellybelly about this topic as well - if you feel like looking for it.

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    Nov 2008

    Hi Darily,
    On the last IVF cycle I had I reacted to the Lucrin and got really sick so my FS managed to get my eggs to maturity and then collected them, fertilised them and froze them on day 1 as I was too sick to go ahead with the transfer at that time.
    We had 14 embryo's frozen and the first two attempts we had using them we let them get to blatsie before we had one embryo transferred neither which resulted in a pregnancy. On the last attempt we again wanted to let them go to day 5 but on day 3 they rang me and told me to come in for the transfer that day as only two were looking ok but that wasn't enough to try to make it to day 5. I was really upset thinking that they were probably poor quality and we had no more embies left after this attempt. Again we only had one transferred and I now have a beautiful healthy 9 month old baby girl.
    Good luck with it all!!

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    Oct 2007

    Darily, we are with MIVF and are pg with a 2dt from our second stim cycle. We started out puting back single embies but then went to putting back two after we had a couple BFN's. It turned out that our BFN's were not because of 2dt embies but because I had antibodies that were preventing our embies from sticking. As soon as I was on meds for that, we had another transfer, where one of the two 2d embies replaced stuck and is now well on the way to becoming our baby. So for us 2dt worked, as soon as we figured what else was going on!
    2dt can and do work but there is no simple solution for everyone! Wishing you all the best.

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    Feb 2008

    Hey there - I am with MIVF and fell pregnant on our first FET. So had only 1 failed cycle which was our stim cycle. We got 8 viable embryos out of that cycle. We currently stll have 5 frozen embryos (as we lost 1 embryo when it was defrosted) awaiting when we are ready to have our next child.

    I am currently holding in my arms the result of my 2 day 6 cell transfer.

    Wishing you lots of luck.

    Janie xxx

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    Darily Guest

    That's a great story Janie, congratulations on your beautiful little bundle.

    I am hoping to have some frosties out of this first stim cycle as a back up should I get a BFN. It's always great to hear a success story at the same clinic.

    Who is your FS and how many embies did you put back?

    I'm putting back one this time around.