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Thread: TTC for about 30 months

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    Default TTC for about 30 months

    Hi Ladies,

    Not sure if i am doing this right - I am a forum virgin!
    Hoping for some hope actually. I havent been great at tracking thr number of IVF cycles Ive done but its been back to back for about 3 years and B4 that it was clomid for a year, prior to that even though we werent trying there was no protection and no pregancy for a couple of years. I have endometriosis and PCOS which is causing the probelms. Think Ive done about 12 cycles??

    Anyway I am currenlty in the middle of a Full stimulation cycle and on Lucrin and Puregon & I had an 11 week Miscarriage in June and this is the first time ive been able to get back on the drugs since it happened, so feeling a bit anxious.

    Is there anyone else going through this at the moment?

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    dream bub you are most definitely in the right place. The LTAC thread is for women just like yourself, who have had numerous attempts with AC in an effort to fall pregnant. Please don't be shy, come introduce yourself in the main thread [url=]here[/url] The girls there are fabulous, and are a great support network.

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    Welcome to the forum. I was a forum virgin when I joined up here too. So take it from me you will be right at home in no time!

    Sending you much babydust, and hoping that you can more from LT AC to PG threads very soon!

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