Hi Ladies!
Thought I would write an update on me!
We had our follow up app on Thurs after BFN last weekend to see where we go from here.
Doctors are a little frustrated trying to figure out what is going wrong! (join the club with DH and myself!)
We have been given a referral to see a laparoscopic surgeon specialist next week in North Sydney - we've seen him once before about 3 yrs ago, and he was fantastic - to have a lap done asap.
My doctor here is hoping before Christmas, but if not, just after so we can start yet another full stim cycle some time during Jan!
We are not having any fertilisation problems, and growing perfect quality blastocysts, and after having 2 put back in Easter, and 2 put back this time both with BFN, he seems to think there may be some adhesions or endo getting in the way for the embies to implant.
When I had my son in 1998 (wow that seems a long time ago, I thought I'd be a mother to many by now!), I had an emergency caesar, and caught a pelvis infection in hospital.
Evidence of the infection, although being treated, was still there 4 yrs ago, and he wants the specialist to have a look around again to get rid of it once and for all!!!!
I'm hoping this is the only thing stopping the embies from implanting.... otherwise, doctor just says we may have just not been lucky yet, as he doesn't count our first 2 attempts because I didn't respond to the drugs.
Hoping all of you ladies are staying happy and positive..... I'm pulling positive thoughts from everywhere at the moment to stay sane!!!