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Thread: What are the different types of IVF protocols?

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    Darily Guest

    Default What are the different types of IVF protocols?

    Hi ladies,

    I'm scheduled for my 1st IVF attempt in April, which is a Down Reg cycle.

    I realise there are other types of protocol that can be used, but I have no idea how they differ from the Down Reg cycle or what is involved with them.

    Can someone tell me the options and what the difference between each of them is?

    Thanx for helping a newbie

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    I am not much help but am about to start mhy first IVF cycle which is also a down regulation cycle. I am on primolut at the moment to bring on AF and will probably be late April. Early May by the time I am ready for egg collection. I don't really understand it all at the moment but thought you might appreicate a buddy going through this at the same time.
    Best of luck to you.

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    Hi Em,

    I am not an expert, but I thought would post as you havent had a reply as yet ...

    There are 3 main ivf cycles that I am aware of, with more specialist procedures, that may be included, depending on your circumstances, ie: ICSI or PGD. They are called

    Down Reg Cycle
    Antagonist Cycle
    Flare Cycle

    The down reg is where you take the pill so the FS can "control" your homones, and then you continue on to either an antogonist or a flare cycle.

    I have had the Flare and The Antagonist, I have not taken the pill to "shut down" ? my hormones prior.

    If you look on MIVF website under current procedures, you can see all the options and procedure's they offer.

    HTH sweets xx

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    Darily Guest


    Thanx hun, I was going to email and ask you but I know you've got OTHER things on your mind this week.

    I read the MIVF website but didn't fully understand the difference, but I'm clearer now.

    Text me after the EPU (if you're feeling up to it) and give me the stats . . . I'll be dying to know.

    Rest up sweetie, and relax. Thinking of you

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