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Thread: What was your FET Protcol

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    Question What was your FET Protcol

    Hi Girls,

    I just had another with af turning up on day 12 so we are going to squeeze in our 9th .... argggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg transfer. This will be another FET. Now I have done 3 artifical ones with AF turning up on day12 and two on day 10, so you can see the tablets arent a sucess for me and they are stumbed as to why. I have also done one natural FET but didnt ovulate till day 22 then af showed before beta. I normally go one pessaries and they are defrosted and transfered in about 24 hrs i thinks not to blas as my RE doesnt do blast.

    I just want to know what others do......especially those that have worked lol.


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    i think I have told you this before but I had no luck with artifical (tablet) fets and Nat Fet cycles. When they changed me to a cycle that involved Puregon injections and a trigger similar to a stim but a dose that brought up only a few folis. It did require a few more internal us but worth it, thinking back I did one with puregon and no trigger that was a bust and AF turned up a few days before it should have indicating we missed O.The transfer was done day 3 similar to my stim cycles.
    Dr Gronow at MIVF did this after I spoke to a nurse at MIVF who told me about a trial program they were running for PCOS girls.
    I had better results from Stims as well..all my cycles were progesterone pessaries 2 daily even when I got pregnant I stayed on them for 12 weeks

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