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Thread: 15 DPO and BFN still - i need opinions

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    Question 15 DPO and BFN still - i need opinions

    I know i have written in here a couple of times but im having trouble trying to work out whats wrong.

    After doing some research on how long AF should arrive after O'ing she should have came yesterday.

    She didnt and im not getting any cramps like she is gonna be here soon. about a week ago i had really painful cramps like she was coming, but no bleeding, and still negatives on my HPT's i dont know why this is happening and want to know if anyone else experienced this too. It was my first cycle of clomid this month and i didnt ovulate til CD18 on it, so maybe its something to do with that? But shouldnt Clomid shorten the cycle not lengthen it. I am pretty sure its not pregnancy now, but how i feel now its like AF wont be here for a while and thats strange.

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    Hi there,

    I think your first cycle of Clomid might not be the norm..... I know mine wasn't. I had my shortest cycle ever of 23 days. Clomid is meant to lenghen my cycle, but it shortened it. I'm just forgetting about this first Clomid cycle and I am now on CD6 of the 2nd month on Clomid. I have read somewhere else, that a positive preg test might take a bit longer when you are on Clomid.

    Hang in there and hopefully you will find out either way soon. The wait is the worst part isn't it.

    by the way, what days did you take Clomid? I was told I would ovulate CD14 or 15 takind Clomid days 5-9.

    Good luck

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    Hi thanks for your response, yeah clomid has done some strange thingsto me this cycle, apart from the hot fluches and headaches whilst taking the pills, i have been very depressed over the last 2 weeks but that might have something to do with the fact that the fertility medicine could actually make it happen and it hasn't. i have taken clomid CD3-7 and ovulated late in the cycle CD18 so maybe because i ovulated a few days late i might get AF a few days late. The only thing worrying me is the cramping that i have had for the last 2 weeks (ever since ovulating) and its still here on and off... sometimes it comes from my ovaries and other times its jus in the uterus. Im afraid something is wrong down there, but i will wait a few more days and see if AF comes then get it checked.

    Thanks for your reply

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