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    Hi all, well I was due to have prg test yesterday and woke up with my period. To be honest I felt deeply sadened as I was feeling confident that all was going to workout first time round. After reading all your stories I now have a new perspective and cant possibly imagine how others feel after so many attempts. My clinic "Fertility First" have said I can have a month break or start again straight away. They said I can do a natural cycle frozen embryo transfer or use the drugs. Has anyone had any success from a natural cycle. I got 21 eggs from my first egg pickup and have 5 frozen embryos. My DH hasnt taken all this too well and has been out on the drink too frequently in the last 2 weeks, so obvious he's not been able to deal with the waiting game. If anyone has any suggestions, Id love them.


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    Lisa ~ i am so sorry things didn't work out for you this time i haven't been able to get to a frozen cycle before so i can't answer your questions but i just wanted to wish you all the luck with what ever you decide to do

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    Lisa ((hugs))
    It is sooo sh*ty to end a cycle before the blood test.
    I did quite a few FET cycles...with drugs. I found that I remained more positive backing my cycles one after each other, the down time made me feel that I was "wasting time"
    Good luck lets hope the next cycle is the one

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    Hi Lisa,

    Sorry to hear about your last cycle, it is very hard to cope with no matter how many times you have gone through it all.

    For my last cycle we did a natural FET with no drug supprt afterwards and as a result we are pg with twins, so it does work!

    All the very best for your next cycle.


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    the first cycle is really hard. I remember believing that I would be one of the women for whom IVF would work the first time. I don't think there is a woman out there who doesn't secretly believe that she'll buck the odds, and be different from the statistics.

    Like renner, I found that back to back cycles whenever I could was the easiest for me to cope with, as rest times between cycles drove me round the bend. I have never done a stim FET cycle, only natural, in part becoz I ovulate fairly regularly.

    Good luck with your FET and I hope that focussing on the next cycle will help with the pain of this last cycle.


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    Well Lisa here we are in the same boat again! AF just arrived for me this week after an full stim cycle. Its a horrible experience and Im so sorry to hear you have to endure it. It seems very hard for the men to go through too - I guess they feel they want to be able to 'fix' everything and in this occassion, like all times with all this infertility, they can feel powerless and I think thats something that might be harder for them to handle.

    Hope your DH gets through this stage and comes out the other side stronger.

    I am going onto a FET after this, however I have been told I should give my ovaries a rest. I had 48 follicles at OPU and doctor says best for me to rest - I wish I could just go straight again but alas. So I have an appt on 30 August to discuss what a FET entails because I havent had one yet either and then I guess I just have to wait for my cycle to start in September.

    (by the way - if you need someone to chat to, feel free to email me again.)

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    Hi Lisa
    I am so sorry.I can imagine how you feel -just been through it myself.

    My first cycle July was not successful and I got AF a few days before my bt.

    Yes we all hope to bet the odds and be one of the lucky ones. It sucks and there is no words of comfort ever.

    I am now doing FET back to back this month - transfer is Monday.

    Mine is natural cycle. I oam trying to focus on new hope and this cycle - the prize at end is all that matters.

    goodluck and

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    Thanks for the reassurance!

    Thanks everyone, sad to say but it feels good im not alone in this emotional rollercoaster ride. I think i will try a natural cycle as i ovulate regularly and dont want to go thru the injections again if i dont have to. I have 5 frozen embryos and hope that they thaw out ok and i have a few chances left. I read alot about the positive effects of prayer & meditation so gotta stay positive.

    I got on the booze the other night, thought it would make me feel better but it only made me numb and then I woke up sick as I havent had any alcohol for about 4 months........mmmmm.


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    you know you can join us in the monthly thread - we are all going through this difficult time together and help each along the way.

    We boost sagging spirits (we are not to mention our other saggy bits) and celebrate the small successes as they come.

    I try to take each day as it comes and I agree prayer can't hurt - going to try music meditation too this time and found this great poem / inspiration thingo by a guy named Sark that someone on another group posted

    Originally titled how to Survive being an artist (?)- she changed it to How to survive AC (Assisited Conception)

    I can PM anyone that is interested it is a bit of lighthearted fun but also something to consider and destress away the 2ww.

    I have not drunk to excess just a wine or 2 some nights - though not in 2ww wait - it helps calm me somewhat . I read it on several websites- not because of alcohol not sure why ?

    A natural cycle is good idea ....

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    Hi Lisa,

    I know how awful it feels to get that period. My third FET after ICSI worked, but I was using the pill and Clomid because otherwise my "cycle" (LOL) is about 45 days long.

    The other thing to be aware of is that sometimes the embryo can hang around and not implant. I actually failed the first blood test, but still didn't get a period so they re-tested. Then I got told the levels were so low I had a 95% chance of miscarrying. A week later I was warned it could be an ectopic pregnancy. However, 32 weeks later I have an absolutely normal pregnancy with a baby that is growing perfectly.

    Have a good cry and a scream, but hang in there.