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Thread: 3rd IVF attempt after 5 early losses and a six month break

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    Default 3rd IVF attempt after 5 early losses and a six month break


    I'm fairly new to BB, and lurk from time to time but thought I might put up a post and hopefully find some support from those who understand our plight.

    Brief background, I'm starting my 3rd stim cycle of IVF/ICSI/PGD when AF starts in February. My other two cycles weren't great as I am a poor responder and managed only 5 and 4 eggs each cycle. One blast was left on day 5 and neither transfer suceeded.

    My problem is egg quality (and quantity, so it seems) and is evident from my 5 early losses over the past 2 or so years. Testing of my babies showed they all had anapleudy (strangely, Trisomies 17,16 and 15, in that order).

    My last loss was in October and was since diagnosed with Ashermans Syndrome. The adhesions were removed surgically and my FS believes all should be OK for an embryo to implant (either naturally or by ET).

    We're trying a different protocol this time, lucrin flare, and I'm also starting accupuncture. I'm taking Blackmores Conceive Well Gold and have been watching my diet etc. and have lost 6 kilos since October.

    Not overly confident that this cycle will work, but I do feel inspired reading stories of hope and joy and try to remind myself that each cycle is different and that it only takes one (good) egg

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    Hi Cushla,

    Sounds like you have had a really rough journey so far. Whilst we are going through IVF, we fortunatly have had a good run however it has still taken a emotional and physical toll on dh and I. Having read what you have gone through, I find it hard to begin to imagine how strong you both must be to have made it this far.

    Hope that this new approach to treatment is going to work better for you and that your strength and courage is rewarded with a in the near future. Fingers crossed for good .


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    Hi Cushla
    cant even begin to imagine what youve been through, but i want to wish you well and hopefully we'll see a BFP for you in Feb good luck.

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