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Thread: 5 days off BCP and no withdrawel bleed???

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    Default 5 days off BCP and no withdrawel bleed???

    I took my last pill New Years Eve and I still have not started bleeding?? I have my down reg scan on Monday and I am worried that this may set things back or will we still proceed without a bleed??

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    i didnt start to bleed straight away when i went off the pill - i went off it when my period arrived and 32days later my period showed up again!

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    I'm the same - When I went off the pill, I was a few days late, then after that cycle, was a regular 28 cycles

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    Crud! Typed up a post and lost it!

    Lil Chookie, it's more than likely going to be fine. During my first down reg cycle I had a few problems with the pill and ended up only having been on it for 7 days or so when I was due to stop taking it. I'd just recovered from some horrendous bleeding, and was unsure if I would have another period then or not. The nurses said it would be fine either way - just to let them know if/when it actually started.

    Hope that helps!


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    Lil chookie, the 3 times I have downregged I have not had a bleed and everything went ahead fine. our clinics documentation says anything can happen after you stop the pill, ie. normal AF, spotting, nothing so don't worry.

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    I've had more problems with bleeding when I shouldn't be. The nurses have always assured me that it's fine.

    For something that freaks us out so effectively (bleeding when you shouldn't, not bleeding when you should), they care remarkably little about it. It's always struck me as odd.

    More comments from the lost post that I was at first too cranky to re-type!


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    Thank you ......I feel much better now. I don't think I am going to have a bleed, just don't feel anything coming on. I have just returned from camping and I thought if it was going to happen, it would have happened then LOL.

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