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Thread: 9 DPO not sure whats hapening???

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    Default 9 DPO not sure whats hapening???

    hi, I am currently 9 dpo and this was my 1st cycle on clomid. the dr gave me 100 mg from day 2-7. i have charted my temp and used opk this cycle I got a positive opt on the 7/8 and had th 3 day temp rise on the 9/10/11. it has remained high sence other than on the 12th when it droped by 1 degree but went up to 36.5 the next day and as stayed high. also on the 11/12 i had cramps and pinching like feeling kind of inside my right hip area. the cramps stopped till yesterday when they returned but are not as full on only mild and still in the same place. I have also watched my cp and it was very high at time of o and droped low for 4 days and now is again high. i cant tell if it is soft or hard as i can not touch it tmi.
    For today and yesterday my nipples have been ultra sensitive. and my breast seem a bit bigger as bras not fitting right, but they are kinda going up and down, also I have like a wet feeling down there to the point i keep checking for af. I have also been very tired but that could be because for the past 3 days i have been waking up at about 3am every night.
    tonight 15 minutes after eating dinner I was over the toliet but i do not feel sick. other then a slighty blocked nose and sore throat.
    and on a different note I found an opk 3 days ago and out of being board I dont it and it come up the strongest positive that worried me a bit. not to sure about y it come up positive. i dont think the testlin could get any darker.
    So to the question could what I am feeling possablely be Pregnancy? effects of clomid? or pms? (which i dont normally get )
    i am beside my self atm and I know its 2 early to test so Im tryin to hold off

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    Hi Tim Tam....

    My only advice to you is just to observe what your body is doing at what time in your cycle.

    It is a really confusing time when you start to use assisted conception methods. Your body can (and often will) react really differently to a regular cycle - I know mine does. So being your first cycle on clomid, I can really understand how you are anxious and stressed out.

    Of course, any major concerns, speak to your doctor, but try to enjoy the ride... It can be just as exciting as it is stressful!

    I have my fingers crossed that this clomid cycle will do the trick for you !

    Kimmi xx

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    Hi Timtam
    Just wondering do you know anymore yet, i.e. have you tested for pg?
    Good luck with it all. Ive never been on Clomid but was just interested to see if you were in fact pg due to those symptoms.

    Wishing you all the best. And I hope you can find lots of support on BB - im sure you will as ive found everyone on here to be wonderful.

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