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    Default AIH success anyone

    I'm new to assisted conception and thought I'd say hi and ask a question.
    I've been over on TTC forum for a few months and have now moved to here.
    We have been to a fertility specialist (who is with Melb IVF) and we have had blood test, dye uterus test and semen analysis which all came back fine.
    I have had one cycle of artificial insemination because DH was out of the country. But it didn't work.
    My dilemma is do we do AIH again. The odds are the same for us as TTC naturally. 10% success rate (I'm 38). So can anyone tell me what the advantage is? Anyone been through this? I suppose we are what you would call unexplained infertility, only I would hate to admit that. Also we are only just on a year of TTC. If we had more time, we probably would get pregnant.
    My questions are:-
    Do you have to go through a few cycles of AIH before being eligible for IVF?
    What are the steps you need to take before being eligible for IVF? (ie Lapro, councelling)

    Hopefully I am already pregnant (currently 7DPO). There is always that hope every month no matter how many months it hasn't happened.

    Hope someone can offer some insight.
    Thank you

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    Welcome to BB Sam

    To the best of my knowledge there is no specific requirements for IVF -especially if you have more than 1 year of unexplained infertility or even less over 35yrs (6 months I think).

    We started IVF almost 12 months ago.Previously we had 1 natural conception in 12yrs (I was then 37yrs but sadly our daughter was stillborn @ 6months gestation for unknown reasons) 6 months later I got referal to IVF.I am now 7months with IVF twins on our 2nd IVF cycle.

    Hopefully you are pregnant now !

    But I would speak to your FS about IVF - while waiting I would maybe give AIH one more try in between. It is less invasive and it works for some. Have you tried Clomid or injections too ?I don't know much about these though.

    MY advice is to not to wait much longer because unfortunately fertility declines steeply every year after 35.And if you want more than one child this is a big issue.

    IVF clinics all have different protocols but nothing is set in legislation as far as Medicare and rebates are concerned.

    Counselling is for your & DH's own benefit - our clinic didn't offer it but it was there to access if we needed it.It wasn't compulsory.

    If you had already had investigations - with your IVF clinic FS then there shouldn't be any obstacles -aside from $$$$ .Again extra investigations are for your benefit so you and FS know what you are up against -not legally required.

    I wish you the very best of luck.

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    Thanks Trish,
    This is so helpful and makes me feel a bit better. (I hope I'm writing in the right area.)
    I felt like I was rushing things but I really just want to get on with it and I hope to do maybe two more AIH while we wait, like you said.

    Congratulations on your two little ones on the way. I really hope that will be me some day.

    Talk soon

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