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Thread: any success with naturopath?

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    Default any success with naturopath?

    My story begins with an ectopic pregnancy last August. This one was conceived naturally but my tubes were blocked from primary peritonitus and removal of my appendix as a child. After one failed attempt at IVF, mum convinced me to go to a naturopath. I did this and was given herbs, cream and some vitamins. She also told me to wait three periods, but we were too eager and went ahead earlier then that... maybe I shouldnt have. The thing is, I have embryos left from the first time and that was before the naturopath so I'm not sure if it would have made a difference?

    The IVF doctor told me to stop taking the herbs and the cream and the vitamin E but to continue with the calcium magnesium, the fish oil and the Elevit (which he recommended). I did this but have just had another failed attempt with a frozen embryo. I was wondering if anyone had some advise / and success with natural remedies also including chinese medicine, diet and accupuncture. I am getting so confused!

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    Mona, I'm sorry for all the trouble you are experiencing.

    Generally, in a situation like yours where the tubes are physically blocked, IVF is the most expedient solution. You have probably been told that but I just wanted to let you know that it is for situations such as yours that the technology was invented in the first place.

    Unfortunately, herbs don't do anything about your blocked tubes. I used natural therapies for a year without success prior to having my endometriosis diagnosed and removed and starting IVF. Our situations are different though.

    The hard thing about IVF is that you may need to try a couple of times before an embryo sticks and stays but it really is the best solution when you have a physical problem such as blocked tubes. Vitamins and a good state of health are always important and they will enable you to fare well when you are undergoing treatment. I wish you all the best.

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    Hi Melbo

    Thanks for your reply. What I meant in regards to the herbs was do they help with IVF success, or attachment etc? How are you going with your IVF journey? Its good to hear peoples stories.

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    Mona, I personally don't believe that they do help. Some may disagree with me. It is also probably not a good idea to combine herbs and IVF but that said, I have had acupuncture whilst undergoing IVF treatment. I just didn't take herbs at the same time as they may interfere with the drug regime. Vitamins to assist in the maintenance of good health are another thing.

    As I said, it is just my opinion but I wouldn't be giving natural therapies more credence over something that is more likely to work because it addresses the problem directly.

    I had one IVF cycle after having my endometriosis treated and got 11 embryos. Two were transferred and nine were frozen. On that first cycle, I conceived my son. I was 37 at the time so I was pleased with the result. I think if I had kept trying with herbal remedies I would still be trying today.

    It is your decision ultimately but I feel I should be very frank about this subject as I think that when it comes to problems with conception, the more targeted the treatment, the greater the chance of success.

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    Hi Mona,

    I too, have blocked tubes - due to an infection I caught from having an emergency ceasar with my 1st child (who is now almost 9yrs).
    We have had 4 full stim cycles but no luck yet... no problem with anything, (excellent fertilisation, great sperm, good eggs, perfect embryos)...yet we can't seem to make it the final step where they attach & become a pregnancy!
    I have been having acupuncture on a weekly basis for a year now, along with the chinese herbs, etc.
    We only used the acupuncture & herbs with our last cycle... and the difference in embryo quality was amazing.
    The main reason I am on the herbs, etc that I am on is to help with my lining of my endometrium (doctors thought this was my main problem with lack of success - I have had severe endometriosis since I was 9)... and to help with the implantation.
    Last cycle, my lining was about 5mm thicker as a result of the alternative treatment... so we are getting closer & closer each time.
    You sound like you are in a similar situation to me - I believe it will benefit you, just from my experience.
    My doctors told me to stop with the herbs once starting the cyle, which we did last time, but the herbs & acupuncture are there for before & after - to get the lining ready, and to help it stay in place!!!!
    To answer your question, I would still use the alternative treatment even though you are using frozen embies from a cycle without them.... the treatment will aid in keeping them there!!!
    I can't rave enough about my acupuncture & herbs, I feel a million times better with them, and as far as I'm concerned, I'll try anything that can help!!!
    Hope that helps!

    Holly xxx

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    Thanks heaps to both of you. If I go back to the herbs I will only do so before another cycle, as it messes with keeping track of the hormones given during IVF. I can see both your points of view. I will definately be giving accupuncture a go. Thanks again for your replies.

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