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Thread: Anyone at Canberra Fertility Centre?

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    Default Anyone at Canberra Fertility Centre?

    Hi all

    I just found out that my FS has left SIVF in Canberra because of the massive price rise that SIVF had late last year. Since we hadn't started a cycle with the new FS, having just moved to Canberra from Melbourne a few months ago, should we see it all as a sign and look at moving across to CFC?

    So, if there is anyone here at CFC, I would appreciate a quick post or pm to let me know your thoughts - would you recommend them? are they expensive? do they have good success rates? and if you have an FS to recommend that would also be great.

    Our other alternative is to stay with our FS and travel to Sydney for EPU and transfer each cycle. We are not sure that that is something we want to do and are still undecided. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Cheryl

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    Hi Cheryl,

    There are a few of us CFC folks

    I can't say too much about CFC as I've only just about to start with them. CFC have a website with their costs on it (and they are cheaper than Sydney).

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    Hi Tarkine

    I didn't realise that thread was still going - thanks!

    Good luck with your journey - I hope it is a short and successful one!


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