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Thread: Anyone doing IVF with SIVF in The Hunter

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    confusedegg Guest

    Default Anyone doing IVF with SIVF in The Hunter

    Just curious who is with SIVF in hunter and what doctor they have?

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    Hi Chris
    I was actually doing IVF with Hunter IVF but I can tell you at Sydney IVF in the Hunter you have Dr Woolcott and Dr Schumach in Newcastle and with the new SIVF at Maitland the only one I know is Dr McGrath and dont even get me started on him
    Hope that has helped a little

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    tiggy Guest


    Hi Confused egg.
    I have two friends who went through Sydney IVF in the Hunter, through Dr Woolcott. 1 has had a baby in Feb and the other is 22 weeks pg. I've heard he is good but arrogant and has the best track record for successful IVF preggies in the hunter. HTH

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    confusedegg Guest


    [email protected], i a not sure which doctor you are talking about i have dealt with all of them except McGrath.

    Tiggy, Yes agree with your response on Dr Woolcott, he can be very much that, but he is good and if you know how to deal with him, i have had my run in with him here and there, he is very good though. I think he is a man there just to be professional thats all... i dont think he would be good as Ob.

    Thanks i wanted to know who is doing IVF through SIVF.. LOL, when i am in there, i wonder if any of them are my BB friends,, OMG!! what a life... LOL... Too much time on y hands.
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