thread: Anyone got AF and a BFP

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    Jul 2007

    Anyone got AF and a BFP

    Hi there,

    I am getting my BT done today and did a HPT yesterday and it had a slight positive line. I could definately see the 2 lines under light. But I am bleeding this morning, so AF has arrived.

    Will be getting my results this afternoon, but just wondering if anyone has experinced this and what the results were. I am not hopefull at all.


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    May 2007
    Newcastle NSW

    Hi Max,

    Sorry i'm not going to be of much help, just wanted to wish you good luck for your bt results.
    Some people experience bleeding and go on to have perfect little babies, i really hope this is the case for you.

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    Feb 2007

    HI Max,

    yes, it does happen! Last month, I got a BFP whilst I had my period. It wasnt a normal period, just a light bleed, however I did miscarry later.

    So, it does happen just keep the positive thoughts up.

    Good luck with your PT, I have my fingers crossed for you.



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    Aug 2005

    Hi Max...

    My cousin's wife has had AF with all 3 of her PG'S !!!!! Everything crossed for you
    xx Mamabear

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    Hi Max

    I got a BFP and i was also bleeding, although like another poster it was a different bleed. I went on to miscarry to.