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    Article :Quads second time round world first

    In Queensland Sunday Mail 29/5/05

    Four by four!
    A QUEENSLAND woman is pregnant with quads for the second time, in what is believed to be a world first.

    Dale Chalk, 26, of Strathpine in Brisbane's north, is due to give birth in December to her second consecutive set of quads.

    Mrs Chalk and her husband, Darren, 34, a security guard, became parents to quads in August using an anonymous sperm donor through the Queensland Fertility Group.

    The couple also have a daughter, Shelby, 2, conceived using the same donor.

    After the birth of her first set of quads – Ellie, Emma, Joseph and Samuel, who were born 13 weeks early – Mrs Chalk said they wanted as many as 12 children and said she would be delighted if she had another set of quads.

    "If we had quads again, that would be the bee's knees. That would be the icing on the cake," she said at the time.

    It is believed Mrs Chalk will be the first mother to give birth to consecutive sets of quads.

    Australian Multiple Birth Association national chairwoman Cathy Vellacott said the thought of having eight children aged under two was "mind-boggling".

    "I have never heard of another family being in that situation – it's extremely unique," she said.

    "Four babies at once is pretty amazing and if you are going to do it again, it's certainly got the 'wow' factor."

    Dr Warren DeAmbrosis of the Queensland Fertility Group said he had not heard of another case of a woman having two sets of quads.

    "It's very rare, it could be a world first."

    Dr DeAmbrosis said he was happy for the couple but was concerned because of the risks in carrying four babies.

    "I am very happy because that's what they wanted, but I'm not happy that a multiple pregnancy has occurred again," he said.

    "I have big concerns because there's an increased risk of premature birth and it's not something I was looking for."

    In February, Mrs Chalk said that the family was using a staggering 250 nappies, four tins of formula and three packs of wipes a week.

    But despite the economic drain and hard work, she said she wouldn't have it any other way.

    "I feel I am lucky," she said.

    "It's been a bit hectic but it's been better than what I thought.

    "All four of them sleep through the night. It's fantastic."

    This helps explain why the couple can't wait to have more babies.

    All of the Chalk children were conceived using artificial insemination by a sperm donor who shared Mr Chalk's physical characteristics.

    Mr Chalk has a rare condition that means he cannot produce live sperm.

    In the procedure, doctors stimulated Mrs Chalk's ovaries to produce more than one egg and then inseminated her with the donor sperm.

    The family lives with Mrs Chalk's parents, who extended their house to fit in the new grandchildren.

    When the quads were born, Mrs Chalk's mother, Sue, resigned from her job as a nurse to help as full-time carer for the babies.

    The family has been helped out with baby capsules donated by Queensland Ambulance, cartons of nappies donated from Huggies and Coles, formula supplied by Nestle and Wyeth and some baby food from Heinz.

    Monash IVF Queensland's Dr Clare Boothroyd said: "I've never heard of anything like this before. It is highly, highly unusual.

    "I can't even believe that someone is fronting up for fertility treatment so soon after having a first set of multiples.

    "The Monash policy is cancelling if there is more than three eggs. We would have never proceeded. There are many of us (in the profession) who are very down on higher-order multiples because of the risks."

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    Sal Guest

    I hope that her pg goes well and that she can cope with and give enough attention to 8 babies.

    I have to say that it is staggering that the fertility clinic would give treatment again to allow another extremely high risk pg. IMHO it is irresponsible because it casts a bad light over all ART procedures and lets the public believe that such high order multiples happen more frequently than they do.

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    Blimey 8 kids under 2...... plus the little girl won't be more than ?3 ???

    I don't really know that I would call that sensible conception... but on the other hand.... the lady is paying and well, customers is always ?????

    I sincerely hope that things go all right for them...big toll on your body so soon...

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    ok thats a little bit too scary for my thinking - does the ozzie govt give money for extra kids etc? Hope that they have some fantastic jobs to afford all that - and she says she wants more!!!!

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    you do get extra financial help once you have triplets or more. The mother and grandma stay home and the dad is a security guard. I am going to the same fertility clinic but different dr. My Doc wouldn't proceed but I guess if I requested it what can he do???

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    Personally I think she must be off her rocker.

    Fancy having quads + 1 other all of such a young age and even contemplating another pregnancy so soon. THere is not a hope that those babies are going to get the one on one time that every child needs, not to mention how on earth the mother is physically going to cope.........

    Anyway, that's my opinion


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    Kirsty77 Guest

    I personally think shes crazy....why put your body through that again?I understand her need for kids but its a little ridiculous.

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    Good god! :shock:


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    Yeah Keen, that was my response exactly. I think this was posted in one of the other forums yesterday.

    Sal, I agree. These are the births that give IVF a bad name. This is why the general public think IVF clinics are baby factories.

    It sounds more like something that would happen in the US.

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    I posted it twice - posted it first in TV news and then thought it would be better here - I wonder what was going through her mind - her quads could have only been 6 months when she fronted back at the $clinic$.

    All the same I wish her the very best of luck and care - those precious babies are going to need it.

    had to edit = whoever watches Supernanny (not me if i can help it) she has 2 sets twins tonight - they better get her over to OZ in 1-2yrs time for this family and who could imagine all those nappies (250 wk now - 500 in 7 months)

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    I can't even imagine what life would be like!!! :shock:


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    I think its irresponsible, she cant possibly give "quality" time to that many children at once, whats the hurry? I mean why not wait a few years??? I heard the Dad say that the quads are no trouble, I mean, they're not even moving yet!!! I found the twins easier, when they were just eat sleep, nappy too. but the issues grow as the kids grow, with behavour, socialisation etc.
    They would get a multiple allowance from the government, plus, home help, and lots of companies give large multiples freebies ie on TV they showed huggies nappies, you can bet they get them free till the kids are 4. Advertising, and tax write off for huggies!!! Most "greater multiples" get given cots and high chairs, its actually probably cheaper than having one baby IYKWIM.

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    Pretty hard work for her, but why not? If they are willing to give their children all the love and care that they need, then it doesn;t really matter how many babies you can have.


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    OMG can you imagine a house full of 8 brawling 3 - 4 year olds.

    Good luck to them and all but :shock:

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    MY GOD!!! :shock: Rather them than me