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Thread: Back to back IVF cycles with no break

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    Default Back to back IVF cycles with no break

    Hi everyone,

    After my recent BFN, I am thinking about going for anthother IVF cycle straight away. My most recent one was after a break of one natural cycle. So I mean starting synarel on day 21 after your bfn period.

    My doctor says its OK to do this and doesn't result in less chance or a diminished response. Has anyone any experience of this - I'd really appreciate how you coped.

    My reason for wanting to do this is that I am nearly 40, and I feel it would almost be more stressful stitting round waiting than it would be just getting on with it,


    Suzy (v impatient [-o< )

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    This is how I did all my cycles.
    I was never down reged.
    I can off a stim cycle with no embies and went straight back on to synarel and injections as soon as day 1 arrived. I got a BFP off that cycle.
    I think it depends on different doctors and clinics and there time schedules allocated to treating IVF patients some like to do them in "Blocks" where they have scheduled days to do OPU's and Transfers.
    Mine was pretty cruisey and followed my body rather than his time restraints.
    I did do 8 FET cycles consect pretty hard emotionally, but the waiting was killing me more and the thought of not doing anything productive.
    Good luck

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    My Dr would not let me do what you're talkng about. He did in the beginning because I did flares initially and I would only have a month of FETing between stim cycles. But on down regs, both him and the clinic had a strict policy of one full month off and then the next month starting Lucrin (injectible rather than spray like synarel) at CD21, effectively making it 2 months between stim cycles.

    I hated having to wait, but have to admit, I did respond better than in my flare cycles. I don't know if one thing had to do with the other though!


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    I don't get AF naturally so all of my cycles for the last year have been back to back. I haven't had any luck yet but at least you get into a good drug taking routine \/

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