thread: Best time for acupuncture during IVF

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    Best time for acupuncture during IVF

    So, having decided I just could not afford IVF and bi-weekly acupuncture for several months, I decided I want to still have acupuncture done before and after ET as shown by many studies as increasing pregnancy rates (have seen the SA study and one done in Germany/China now... in Fertility & Sterility journal and Fertility Weekly Journal).

    Anyhoo, when exactly IS before and after ET? Is it between OPU and ET and straight after? As in same day? Day before.. day after??

    I would imagine you could be rather sore after OPU so assume you'd need a day at least to recover before a session of acupuncture, but given that my clinic does a 2 day transfer, that reduces the time available a fair whack! Am thinking day after OPU and either day of or day after ET... thoughts? Advice?


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    Last one for me was a natural cycle so I had one during ovalution to boost me up. Then you are suppose to have it within 24hrs each side of transfer. So I did it day before the transfer and the day of the transfer as mine was on a Saturday.
    Then one more 3 days later. And then one week later.

    Ring your acunpunturist and talk to them and they can tell you what is best for you!

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    I had 1 session a week for about 7 weeks leading up to my natural FET, then i had a session on a Thursday before a sunday transfer and then another one 2 days after Transfer on Tuesday, my acupuncturist wanted to give my body a day off after transfer before she did anything - but on the one after transfer she mainly did alot of reiki and energy healing, with only one needle used in my head to draw the energy up deep into my uterus. I did a HPT on Monday and got a BFP and now im waiting to hear about my BETA results.

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    I had a few sessions in the week/s leading up to EPU, mainly because I wasn't responding well to the FSH and was very stressed out about it all.

    I then had one session immediately before my transfer (for us this actually had to be late the evening before our transfer at 7am as obviously it would have been difficult to find any acupuncturist willing to do a 5am session!!), and one immediately after (ie on the same day as transfer).

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    DW has had a couple of initial appointments spaced over a couple of weeks and is having a pre-transfer session (1 hr before) and a post transfer session (1 hr afterwards).