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Thread: BFN with HPT but BFP with BT

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    Default BFN with HPT but BFP with BT

    Hi Everyone
    I am currently just under two weeks over due for my AF. I am in between cycles and awaiting AF to arrive to start medicated AF.

    I have done 2 Digital HPT with a BFN. I have gone for a BT today to see what is going on with me. Has anyone ended up with a BFP with a BT after BFN HPT'

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    HPT don't always pick-up a pregnancy is the early stages. You have to give the hormones time to build up in your system so it is very possible to have BFP with a blood test..

    They say you shouldn't even bother to test in the first two weeks as there is not enough hormones running around.

    Good Luck!!!!!!!

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    A friend of mine didn't get a BFP on a HPT until she was about week 8 and another one had to wait until week 11. Don't ask me why they kept testing until then though...curiosity or disbelief???
    Anyway, good luck! Fingers crossed!

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    thanks Girls
    I am now just waiting for my results....fingers crossed but I feel yucky so I think AF is wanting to come out and play

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