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Thread: BFP and Strange discharge - pessaries?

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    Default BFP and Strange discharge - pessaries?

    Hi girls. I hope you can help me. I got a bfp last week which was great, but the worrying started almost immediately and now its with good reason. Yesterday morning I noticed an orange tinged discharge on my pad. And again this morning.

    I had a bt done yesterday by the nurses and my levels are 1900+ so FS and everyone was very happy with that. Hasn't done much to put my mind at ease though. Typical.

    I have noticed that I only get this discharge between 4am and 6am (I do them at 4am so I can get another two hours sleep...hopefully). I don't have any other spotting during the day. And my cramps are just the same as they have been for the last two weeks (and I am told they are normal).

    Just wondering if anyone else has experienced the discharge from their pessaries becoming a bit strange? I feel like there is all this gunk up there that needs to come out, and I can't figure out why I would just be getting this discharge once a day. Am wondering if the pessaries are starting to upset 'things' up there since they have been increased from 2 a day to 4 a day.

    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Thanks girls

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    Thanks Kar...your baby brain is excused. haha.

    The orange coloured discharge disappeared on Saturday but then Sunday and again this morning it was more like blood, like a light AF, when I first woke up in the morning. But nothing else during the day. Strange.

    Have just received the results of this mornings bt and hcg is 7000+ so it is at the exact level it needs to be, which is a relief, but doesn't really explain what I have been experiencing. I guess its just one of those things. I wouldn't be surprised if everything up there is just irritated.

    But your advice about the crinone came in handy on the weekend when my girlfriend who is nearing the end of her 2ww experienced the same thing, except she was on the gel not the pessaries like me. She was really relieved to hear about your post. So thank you! I hope your pregnancy is uneventful and enjoyable.

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    Bubby- congratulations on you BFP.

    It is so normal to stress and worry that everything is going to go wrong. I think some of us tend to read the signs wrong. Believe me I know I did! I am so glad to hear that your levels are rising. That is excellent news. Now you have to try and turn off to the signs ok! Relax and enjoy your BFP. You deserve it!

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    well at least I know I'm not completely abnormal! I actually felt silly doing a google search for orange discharge

    I've just discovered some this morning. Some responses have suggested dehydration - which considering the 'heatwave' we've been having and I'm not a heat person and the migraine I've had and treated with panadine forte and mersyndol - even though I've been drinking litres of water at times - I'm still somewhat dehydrated - I can feel that.

    My main concern was that I ignored a discharge with pregnancy 2 and went on to have a 27 weeker and by this stage ( just under 8 weeks) with all previous pregnancies - I've had spotting etc. But nothing this time. I've only been seen by a GP so far - should be receiving my hospital clinic appointment date soon as I need to have the downs scan at 12 weeks.

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