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Thread: Bleeding after HSG? TMI

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    Question Bleeding after HSG? TMI

    Hi there
    hoping someone can help, I had my HSg test and internal US which everything came back normal, which is great but doesnt help explain why TTC is taking so long!!!
    Anyway That was Wed it is now Fri and I have dark brown clotting coming out, not alot but is this normal did others find this?? The drs did not tell me that this could happen. I am guessing that this is all fine but just wanted to see if anyone knew.
    Thank you

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    hey blayz,

    I too and bleeding after my HSG- i called them and they said that sometimes the procedure can cause what ever lining has built up to shed. so i bled for about 4 days then then i got my actual period about 2 weeks later.


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    Depends on where in your cycle you had your HSG. I had mine 7 days after my cycle started so had no bleeding as there was not a lot of time to build up from end of bleed to the procedure. I was told that it could happen and also when they insert the catheter it could cause some minor bleeding there as well.
    Could also possibly have happened due to the internal ultrasound, maybe they just slightly tore the lining.
    Good luck and if you are still concerned, call the place that did the procedure.
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    Hello Blayz

    I too had a bleed ing, this occured 2 weeks after my injection. I though I had ovulated and therefore I got a period. My ultrasoubd showed no signs of ovulation, so it was just a buildup of lining and was shead once all the hormones went dowm.

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