thread: Brand new girl, in the 2 week wait

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    Jul 2010

    Brand new girl, in the 2 week wait

    Hi all,

    My Hubby and i have been trying have a bub for about 2 1/2 yrs starting seeing our ivf specialist january 2009
    with mild POS did all the scans every SINGLE month until Sept when i was put on Clomid for the first time
    and fell pregnant, unfortunatly a week later i had a little bleeding and was told i had a miscarriage however it ended up being a ectopic pregnancy and lost our baby and a tube and my appendix, so we began the fun road of
    IVF. anyway had our eggs removed in Jan 2010. 22 of them only 13 survived but i had developed ovarian
    hyper stim so they wouldnt put 1 back in until the next month but i was getting married at start of feb so had to wait another month anyway long storey everyone has been or going through short we are on our 4th attempt all
    have been day 2 frozen embies this time its a thawed blastocyst which hopefull will create a new life, i am 28
    my hubby 32 and we have our fingers crossed
    I have my blood test this friday at 7 .30am so will get results after 2pm but i do usually get AF the day before
    the blood test not this time i hope, i did have pregnyl on day 4 and day 8 so my Boobs are killing me they are
    sooooooo sore even to walk anyway thats my storey thank you for listening, i cant sllep at the hopefull excitement

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    Jan 2006

    Hi and welcome to Belly Belly.

    Come and join the others in our LT TTC & Assisted Conception thread, and LT TTC Two Week Wait.
    Good luck!

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    Oct 2008

    All the very best, fingers and everything else crossed for you!!
    Sue xx

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    May 2006
    Brisbane, Australia

    I hope you get your positive result!
    looking forward to seeing a pregnancy announcement xoxo

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    Apr 2009
    Perth, WA

    Goodluck x

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    Jul 2010

    Thank you for all your well wishes,my body when it comes to AF pains is spot on and i havnt got any so far, trying not to read into it too much dont want to jinx myself, but im thinking its probably the pregnyl wreaking havoc on my body (does anyone know if pregnyl can mask period pain?) but im staying excited and positive
    again thank you guys its so wonderful to have people to talk to about this, thanks

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    Apr 2007

    Hi Coll and welcome,

    Hopefully your stay is short and sweet. Pregnyl can give you all the symptons of pregnancy and AF sadly it is hard to tell the difference between the two.

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    Jul 2010

    thanks wantaminime i really does suck hey!!!! my last 3 transfers i have not used pregnyl nothing infact so its a bit different 4th time round and i dont like it lol !!! its confusing but never the less will stay happy and positive thanks again