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    Hi I was wondering if anyone has seen or heard of Dr Frank Quinn or Dr Malcom Tucker from IVF Australia at Gosford. I am currently seeing a Gyno/ obs in Newcastle and she is associated with HIVF however the costs are a little out of reach for us atm and IVFA seems to be more reasonable. I am due to see my specialist tomorrow to discuss the treatment options and would appreciate any info on these drs. Thanks.

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    Hi Mako,

    I have done 4 full stim cycles through IVF Australia, both with Dr Quinn & Dr Tucker (Dr Tucker has been my gyno on Central Coast for about 5 yrs as well).
    Unfortunately we have been unsuccessfull so far, however, I have to say that they are both wonderful doctors in terms of bedside manner, and the team of nurses and other staff are fantastic.
    Once you book in with them, you will have your initial consult with Dr Quinn, (he will go through everything with you and decide treatment, how many embryos to put back, etc), but after that, you won't really see him again, Dr Tucker does the collection & transfer.
    Everything else in between is done by the nurses (blood work, scans & meds).
    You really only deal with the doctors for the big things, the nurses do everything in between, which is, I guess, what keeps their costs down compared to everyone else.
    I cannot speak highly enough about the team at IVF Australia, they have just been so supportive and really make you feel like you are important, and not just a number.

    We are about to start cycle no 5 in the next few months, but we're seeing another clinic in Sydney - this has been an extremely hard decision for us to make because we really feel like we have an exceptional relationship with the team at Gosford, (4 years with the same people is a long time!), but my specialist in Sydney has referred me to an IVF Dr in Sydney that deals specifically with implantation problems, which is what we have.
    Otherwise we would be more than happy to continue where we are.

    Good Luck with everything - I hope my rambling has helped a little (?!), keep in touch and let me know if you like everyone as much as I do!

    Holly xxx

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    Dr Tucker was my ob with my 3 DD's. He is lovely. I found him a little stand offish at first, but when you get to know him he is great.

    Best of luck


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    Thanks ann and hollbolly for your insight into these two drs. I saw my specialist today and as I expected she has told me that I need to have IUI and then if that doesn't work then IVF. I'm a bit unsure about changing drs etc as I don't know if I'll end up saving any money in the end if they need to run all my tests again. Maybe I need to give them a call and see what they say.

    Hollybolly I'm sorry to hear that your attempts so far have been unsuccessful. I do hope you will have another bfp to report very soon. I wish you all the best for your next treatment.

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