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    Default CD 2

    Hi all! Wow finally AF arrived yesterday!!!!! Now off to a positive start. Spoke to Docs office and I will start the almighty Clomid 100 mg tommorow. ( 1/31/06 - Tuesday). Yes time to get the hormones going. :shock: this will be CD 3 - 7, so the last day for Clomid will be on 2/04/06 - Saturday. Then, on 2/05/06 - Sunday my first injection of Bravelle - 150mgs for 4 days then test with opk or HCG shot which ever Doc wants and when positive insemination . And TA DA then the TWW period for me. This is going to be my third round so I pray that the third is a charm and that it will be my turn amongst many more of us.

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    Hi all! Ok now I am on day 2 with the Clomid.... Hormones are rocking and I hope all this results in a positive insemination this round. I go to Docs office Feb 3,2006 to learn how to mix and give me self the shots of Bravelle. YAY. Mom and I will do it. It should be loads of fun OUCH!!!! Let me know if anyone has had this combo.

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    Default Update taking clomid and bravelle injections!

    Well I took my last 2 clomid pill on Saturday - Febraury 4 and on Sunday February 5 my first injection of Bravelle. Toaday is Monday afternoon and I have a tremendous headache in my right eye and my head!!!! I will keep all updated. Keep me posted to. Any new BFP!!!!

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    Tiamiami - keeping my fingers crossed that your Bravelle and Clomid do the trick. I hope your headaches goes away soon

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    Inspiration, '
    I hope the headache goes away to. Thanks for your support.

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    Hi Inspiration and all. A update..... I went to get my U/S and have Two eggs one on left side at 17mm and one on right side 18mm Doctor is very happy with that and I will do a trigger shot on Saturday night at 11:30pm and then go into docs office on Monday morniny for the iui..... Also does anyone know what the odds are if you release two eggs of the possibility of twins. I am so Happy I am ready to go with this cycle. I hope it is my month. [-o<

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