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Thread: Clomid and being overweight

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    Hi I'm wondering if anyone who has or is taking clomid out there can help me... I have an appointment to see my ob/gyn tomorrow as I have PCOS and have had AF for 6 weeks now. I think he will want to put me on Metformin, which I'm not especially keen on for various reasons. I am "trying" for another child but I doubt it will happen without clomid again, but I am 90kg (174cm) which means I have a BMI of about 30. If I ask him for clomid will he laugh in my face and tell me to come back when I've lost a few kilos? I would be so embarrassed! Has anyone else been overweight and been on clomid?

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    I am considered overweight and on clomid. It was not suggested as an issue for commencement of clomid, however my weight was mentioned when we went for our first IVF appointment. Increased body fat (different to body mass) can alter the bodies responses to hormone stimulation and can also alter the development of follicles (possibly due to insulin resistance which can occur in PCOS but also in the overweight person).

    Having PCOS can make the process of losing weight more of a challenge (to say the least ) but this process shouldn't prohibit you from being started on clomid. If your specialist does have concerns, get them to explain their reasons. That is your right as a consumer. Good luck!!

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    i'm attached to michelle.

    i am overweight and on clomid and metformin.
    i get the metformin because of being insulin-resistent and my sugar is to high (but no diabetes).
    of couse i have PCOS
    some women with PCOS cant lose weight without medicals
    and possibly you need clomid in spite of losing weight

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    Clomid IS NOT a problem when you're overweight.

    Metformin is great for helping regulate your system and it does help you to lose weight too!

    However I have a BMI of 40, and I took clomid no problem.

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    Thanks guys. I was a bit worried he might say no! Michelle I do worry about the fact that I'm overweight anyway, and I think I have to weigh up the consequences... Beastie I probably would need it regardless even if thin, i've always had PCOS but it's made it so hard to lose it! Also Danni, congratulations I'm a bit of a lurker but haven't been here for a while but remembered your posts... How wonderful that you are finally pregnant! Congrats!
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