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    Question Clomid Question/s

    Hi Girls,

    Am seeing my gyno on Tuesday and am hoping he will prescribe clomid for this cycle (cd1 today). I am ovulating (just) but have quite low progesterone levels and am having heavy spotting from around 7dpo (this is all following a lap surgery in May to remove an endometrioma, prior to this ovulation and cycles were perfect).

    I've been to the gp again today because I've been sick with a cold and it's now caused a middle ear infection. He has prescibed antibiotics which I've started to take because I just can't put up with the pain, I need it to clear up asap.

    So, my questions are: what day do you usually start taking clomid?? Af has arrived 3 days early this month (25 day cycle instead of 28/29 - just great) and I won't be seeing my gyno till cd3 - if he agrees clomid is the way to go, will it be too late to start this cycle??

    Secondly, do other medications such as antibiotics interfere with clomid and therefore I'd have to wait till next cycle anyway??

    I'd managed to time this appt perfectly, now af has turned up early and I'm having to take these antibiotics for my stoopid ears and I'm stressing out!

    Any feedback would be great!

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    I have no idea on the antibiotics question but my first 5 Clomid cycles were from day 5-9, then I was moved to day 3-7. I have known others to start on cd 1 & cd 2 as well.


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    I have been on clomid for cd 2-6 but I have also taken it cd 5-9 as well. I don't think the antibiotics will complicate the taking of clomid but the endometrioma may do (well out of the range of my experience). Talk to your gynae to see if this will have an impact on you taking clomid at this stage.

    The early arrival of AF won't necessarily change your ability to take clomid this cycle. Good luck

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    Hi Michelle,

    Why would the endometrioma have any bearing? It's not there anymore, it was removed in May.

    It was single site endo only, I don't have endo anywhere else. Gyno was not expecting this to be a problem.

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    Hi Willow

    Re your concern about antibiotics, I have actually been prescribed them to assist in mucus production. I can definitely tell that I have more mucus this time than in other cycles, including those on Clomid, but as I am doing the Creighton model at the moment (like Billings Method) so I am analysing it very closely. I also found the Clomid reduced the amount of mucus I produced.

    Hope this eases your concern.

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    Thanks Saffi. Have started clomid this cycle (cd3-7)so the antibiotics weren't an issue (actually forgot to mention it to the gyno! BUT the pharmacist who filled the prescription said it didn't matter and the literature my dr gave me said the same thing, it actually said that there weren't really any other drugs that affect the use of clomid.

    So it's all good - now I just need it to do the job!! Only on 25mg this cycle so will see how we go.

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