thread: Clomid - What day for ultrasound?

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    Cherry Guest

    Clomid - What day for ultrasound?

    :-k Hi Ladies,

    I am due to start on clomid at my next cycle, and I I will take it from day 2-6 (for 5 days). I thought that the Gynae said to book in for a transvaginal ultrasound around day 7-8, but when I phoned up the receptionist, she said that the ultrasounds are usually on day 10.

    Could any of you lovely ladies please confirm if day 10 sound right if I am on clomid from day 2-6 please??

    Also, can you please let me know if the ultrasound process is uncomfortable, or is it a walk in the park. I am a little nervous about the whole thing, but I am sure that things will have to change fairly quickly.

    Thanks in advance


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    tiggy Guest

    Hi Cherry,
    Welcome to BB.
    I am also taking Clomid, day 5 - 9 and have to go in for bloods and ultrasound on day 10 and then again on day 12.

    Hope this helps

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    Registered User

    Sep 2004

    Well strangely enough the whole time I was on Clomid, I never once had an ultrasound, and only twice had CD21 blood tests!

    But since finding this site, Ive realised that is not the norm and my doc was pretty slack! I have had transvaginal u/s before and they are a little uncomfortable but the best part is you dont have to bloat yourself up on water beforehand, and I guess a lot of it depends on the sonographer, too.


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    Sal Guest

    I'm on my second round of clomid attempts. The first time I had 4 cycles worth, and only had a single CD21 BT to confirm ovulation. The others I used OPKs for.

    This time I'm not even having a BT, rather just OPK's. I know that my first round of clomid attempts was with a dodgy doc and he didn't do any further investigations, but this time my doc is my IVF doc and he has my full history. I don't think it's the norm to not have BT and u/s monitoring, but in my case now I'm confident my doc knows what he's doing (basically, he and I both don't hold much hope for the clomid therapy, but at least I'm doing 'something').

    As for the u/s, I have to say that I've had many of them and I've never found them uncomfortable. A little undignified, but otherwise fine. I'm sure that ladies who've had children would consider a little u/s probe to be nothing in the big scheme of things

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    tiggy Guest


    The first time I did Clomid (10 cycles) not even one blood test, let alone an U/S. Just left to my own devices.

    Second time same again but after four cycles I put my foot down and asked for some tests. Both docs normal garden variety gynaes

    Now I have the SUPER SPECIALIST, he's ordered every test known to man but only after we agreed to the AI. 6 cycles before that have been just your D21 BT for prog.

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    Sep 2004

    OHHH I want a super specialist *throws tantrum*... mine is supposed to be a specialist but I do feel left to my own devices a fair bit with him....

    hhmmmm.... something to consider.... :-k

    Good on you for putting your foot down. Guess I didnt really know what I should be expecting at the time, but I tell you if I go back to him soon and Im armed with all the BB knowledge, he better watch out!


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    beck.o Guest

    hi, im presently taking clomid and have ultrasounds approx cd12-cd14 to check out the follicle growth and then blood tests on day 21.


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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Nov 2003

    Hey Cherry,

    Welcome to BellyBelly!

    I've only done one round of Clomid - 50mg CD5-9 (it was successful & I got pg). My OBGYN started doing scans around CD14 (but I didn't O until CD21).

    Don't worry about the transvaginal scans. They can be a little confronting, and as Sleebly said, undignified at first, but they're not painful at all.

    Good luck!!


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    Cherry Guest

    Thank you very much everyone for your replies. I guess that as long as the scan is between the last day of clomid and the expected ovulation date, that there should be evidence of follicle formation between these times.

    I am really understanding now why these forums extremely beneficial, not only for support and understanding, but also so we can compare stories and ensure that we are getting the best treatment and monitoring necessary for our individual cases and situations!

    Thank you once again!


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    Sep 2004

    Hey, all the best with it Cherry! I know Id be lost without BellyBelly and all the wonderfully strong supportive women on here!


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    Sep 2004

    I also would think that a scan prior to O is reviewing the thickness of your uterus lining as this assists/supports embbie when it implants, it also indicates whether your hormones are adequate (that the follie growth is stimulating enough eostrogen for the uterus lining..) does that make sense!!! :-s

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    Cherry Guest

    Thanks Sherwils,

    That makes perfect sense! I had obviously better ask a few more questions to find out what other information that they Gynae looks for, and quiz him as to how my case compares to a "text book" case.

    Many thanks,