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Thread: Clomid on the wrong day?

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    Default Clomid on the wrong day?

    Hi- this is my fourth round of clomid. I'm taking it days 1-5, however think I may have stuffed it. I normally start taking it on the first heavy (ie flow) day of my period. My first day I had my period quite heavy, but then second and third (today) it has gone back to spotting. Have I stuffed up? Should I continue taking it?

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    That sounds like my normal period, I have one day of heavier flow and then 2 days of spotting. If you started on Day 1 as instructed you should be fine but just check with your doctor if you are concerned.

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    Hi it sounds like you're doing the right thing. I was told to take it on the first proper day of AF, so if I spot only, I don't take it...but I'm most relieved to hear you've been instructed to take it days 1-5, as I have also...but I'd yet to see anyone else on forums state this. It was always 3-7 or 5-9. Good luck this cycle

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    Default Keep going

    I've been taking it too - and keep going. Don't worry about what the period looks like, just take it from the 1st day.

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    ur doing the right think hun. good luck!!

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