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    Default Coffee alternatives

    Hi there,
    I've been thinking about getting a coffee alternative. Do you have a preference for any decafs or other types of hot drinks?

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    DJ Guest


    I do the rounds...from decaf, tea, herbal tea, dandelion tea (very similar to coffee in texture), hot chocolate, green tea. Whatever takes my fancy? Now I am not TTCing for the next few months...I'm back on the coffee but only one a day.

    Merry christmas

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    Hi Didge
    I went off coffee in June while cycling and have only had one cup since. Not sure how much effect it has on ttc - my dr said one cup of instant a day is ok. But, what I did find, is that it really dehydrates. I had one cup about a month ago and was so thirsty for the rest of the day. So, it obviously does bad stuff in some way.
    Anyway, apart from herbal teas, I also drink ECCO. It's made from malted barley, rye and chicory. Sounds bad but really, unless you are a real coffee connoisseur, it's not unlike the real thing. I have it black with sugar, but it would be quite alright with milk too. You can find it in the supermarkets with the coffee and tea, is in a white and black striped tin.

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    I've been told that green tea blocks folate, and to not use it if you're TTCing, but apparently this hasn't been conclusively proven.

    Nonetheless I gave up my daily green tea concoction with pleasure!


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    mooshie Guest


    hi didge

    i adore my coffee - especially first thing in the morning. with dd #1 i went totally off it and didn't have a cup until around 8mths preg, with my other two i still wanted coffee so i drank nescafe decaf and to tell you the truth it wasn't bad - i didn't really notice a difference in the taste. i still had a latte' when out shopping but always asked for decaf.

    also when preg i seem to love drinking plain mineral water with a slice of lemon, always goes down well for me especially when suffering from morning sickness.

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