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    hi this is my first time posting,ive been trying to conceive for the past 3 years and am currently into my 3rd cycle of clomid,every day 21 i have a blood test and so far the only feedback i have received from my gynos receptionist is that they were excellent results! for the first 2 months and this month i asked her what it meant as i wasnt sure,she said my levels came back at 58.6 and to continue on really frustrated as i dont know what is a great level or if 58.6 is average!!!:its really getting me down that if my results are as she said are "excellent" then why am i not pregnant yet???can anyone tell me??

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    hello, firstly welcome! Your test result basically means you have ovulated. The clomid works to stimulate your ovary to release an egg, which by your result tells me that it has done the trick. Getting pregnant is actually quite difficult to do as once the egg is released it are only viable for around 8 hours.

    My best advise would be to look for other signs of ovulation to make sure you are "doing the business' at the right time. One really good sign of ovulation is the change in your cervical mucous to like a egg white consistency. It is very obvious and looks kind of stringy just like egg white.

    Depending on the length of your cycles you would "normally" ovulate 14 dyas before the start of your period. So if you have a long cycle say 35 days then ovulation will be around day 21, if your cycle is short say 24 days then ovulation will be around day 10.

    If you can get your hands on a copy of a book called Natural Fertility it will guide you through the steps to become in tune with what your body is doing and be able to recognise the signs that ovulation is approaching.

    My very best wishes go to you and I hope you are holding your baby in your arms very soon.

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    wow thats really great to know that it was a great result(big sye),thanks krisp for your reply...yeah i have been really ontop of my ovulation and have been monitering every single day and recording all the changes in my cervical mucus to pinpoint the best days for fingers crossed then that this may be the month for me...i will be sure to keep you posted...thanks again as i said this is my first time on a forum and its great to have people to talk to that arnt telling you to "stop thinking about it" or "relax and stop trying"..

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