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Thread: Dna Fragmentation

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    Unhappy Dna Fragmentation

    OK more bad news,

    As if I dont have enough to deal with! Not only do i have too do IVF/ICSI because of DH sperm morph but he had a DNA Framentation test that came back at 36% when it should be below 15%. He had a the same test done three months ago and it came back at 12% so I dont know whats going on??????

    Now the FS says that he will have to have a 'sperm aspiration' done, which means a fine needle in the testes- GREAT!

    Does anyone know anything about this, Im so depressed! I can't take anymore bad news- I think Im going to go have a ciggarette (even though I gave up!)

    Does anyone know anyone who is or has been through similar? I need support!

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    We are waiting on results from a dna fragmentation test - so at this stage are still holding out hope for good news.... I wonder why there would be such a huge jump from 12% to 36%! What could cause that??

    Im wondering why a sperm aspiration will be useful in that circumstance? Is it something that is happening to the sperm as they travel from the testes toward their destination? HHmmm.... I dont know enough about it yet.

    I can totally understand your being depressed about it - its never nice having that sort of news ... just off the top of my head right now I have thought of something - if the result score can change so dramatically in the bad direction - is there any chance it can change again toward the better direction?

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    Hi there Keen!

    I don't know what's going on...they were done at two different labs so I dont know how one could show an excellent result and another to show a poor one! Im over it!
    Don't know why a sperm aspiration will be better, I am so sick of FS telling me things half the time I dont think that they even know the answers!

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    The fine needle aspiration cytology test (FNAC) looks at what goes on where - for example, your DH's sperm may start off really fantastic but break down quickly. If you have to do ISCI then this is important to know.

    The two different labs measure things very differently (just look at how two different labs measure blood tests), you need a cytologist/biochemist that your FS can discuss this with in person; I know that several scans and X-rays need special interpretation and you can't do that with a sample tested in another hospital, a semen analysis is just the same. Also, if the sperm was sent away and it wasn't kept cold (which I believe is needed for long storage - but I'm sure the hospital would know more as I could be wrong) then it will break down more. Some breaking down is normal and if the test was done after a few days then of course it will have a higher level of DNA fractures and other problems.

    Hope this answers some questions for you.

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    Thanks Ryan!

    Now which test should I believe in? Has you DH had this done?

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    No, my DH hasn't had this done, but I studied this at Uni and have had some SA results back at work so I know a lot more of the theory than the practice.

    I would trust the test that was done the soonest after the sample was taken, and you should always be asked for two samples to be tested at the same lab anyway. However, if you're trying for gender swaying a girl, onlying bding 3-4 days before you actually O, then it would be worth taking the results of the test that was sent away.

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    Thanks Ryn,

    After reading your posts my DH is going to ask for another test to be taken. What you said made a lot of sense, as the first test that had the good result my DH gave the sample at the lab. Whereas the last test took an hour in transit to hand into the FS lab, then I suppose to be sent off again. Its just that Im really annnoyed that the FS didnt suggest another test if the two tests were so very different. Im forever chasing her around. I decided to start IVF/ICSI with her because she came highly recommended. But Im starting to feel a little stressed that I made the wrong decision.
    Ill keep you posted as my DH has a 'phone appointment' with her tommorrow!

    Thanks again Ryn, you really helped me a lot!

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