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Thread: Dr Edmond Chau in Perth?

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    Default Dr Edmond Chau in Perth?

    Went to my GP yesterday and he referred us to the Gyn/Ob above.

    Our GP told us that he was a specialist who was pretty caring and may be able to help us without pushing the IVF options (we're not so keen on the moment!).

    Has anyone had any experience with him?

    We have to wait 6 weeks for an appointment...which is a bit of a pain as 6 weeks feels a long time after 3 years of TTC.

    I also showed my GP (who I really respect) my saliva tests from the naturopath which indicated that I have low progesterone. My GP hardly looked at them, saying that saliva tests are not very accurate and that my blood tests in the past had been fine...the naturopath told me that blood tests aren't accurate...feel like I'm caught between two paradigms of thinking...ahhhhhh!!!

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    Hi Monnie

    I would go with the blood test. I have a microscope called "maybe Baby" which shows a fern pattern when your saliva dries. The fern pattern means your LSH is going up which means you are about to ovulate, in the next 24-48 hours. I know that if you dont follow the directions to the letter, it doesnt work properly, for example if you eat something beforehand or if you dont use it as soon as you get up in the morning. So, I would go with the blood test. My pregnancy turned out to be ectopic and as my other tube is quite scarred, we have to go throught IVF. I know someone who had twins through IVF first go with Dr Chau. I was given a referral to him but discovered he doesnt work for PIVET anymore. I took that as he doesnt do IVF anymore. Maybe I assumed wrong. We are now going to a Dr Aitken who works in a new clinic called Fertility Specialists of Western Australia. There a four IVF doctors there from various other clinics, who have come together to form this clinic. It is only a couple of weeks old and I got my first appointment very quickly. Hope all this helps.

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