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Thread: Dropping to say hi ... and I am back "on deck" ...

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    Default Dropping to say hi ... and I am back "on deck" ...

    Hi all lovely ladies out there

    Just dropping in to say hi and I am back ttc again ...

    The journey started in 08 and can't believe time has passed so quickly ... everyone around me is now either pregnant or has a baby so things aren't getting easier :P

    Friends said that I stress too much and I just need to "not think about it" and just let it be ... I think that is the toughest for me because we all know when we "should" be fertile and when we "should" BD in order to maximise the chance of success ... so I don't know how I can " not think about it" and just "let it be" ... but I guess I am trying and I do hope that it will be our turn very soon ...

    I used to cry every time AF showed and it got to an extent that I just got so consumed and obsessed by the whole thing ...

    I did see a specialist at MIVF and an "exploratory" operation was suggested to me ... I didn't go with it in the end because the thought of opening myself up for something that may not turn anything up just scared me really bad ... so I guess I am just going to try for a few more rounds and if still no luck, then we will "improvise"

    Hope all the TTCers out there succeed very soon and I hope I will be one of you.

    Love you all ~~

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    Good luck secret - I hope that you don't have to wait much longer. I hate advice like 'don't think about it', or 'relax' - if that was all it took I'd probably be onto no.3 by now!

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    Hi secretmission,

    Good luck with this next cycle - are you doing IVF or natural? You got me laughing at the advice you've been given. I've been given the same - probably most of us have. I love how the people who say those things really think they are helping. I have been told countless times to just get ****ed and shag each other senseless and it will work, or to take a break from trying and it will happen (it's just sooooo easy to stop trying!). I try to block it all out and just listen to the experts (ie FS) but it all seems like trial and error. Anyway, best of luck for this next cycle

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