thread: Early HPT with IVF

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    ann Guest

    Early HPT with IVF

    Hi Girls,
    Just wondering whats the earliest anyone has test BFP with HPT after an IVF cycle. I am going totally nuts. I am currently on CD 25, I am on progestrone gel that gives side effects such as sore bb's, going to the loo at night and bad headaches. I had ec last Tue, but I can't hang out until Fri to test. I'm just feeling so stresses. :evil:

    stressed out Ann

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    Sal Guest

    Hi Ann, I don't think a HPT will give you a result before 10 dpo. So, you practically have to wait until your BT to find out. Having said that 8-[ I couldn't wait and did a HPT the day before the BT (BFN) and it didn't really make me feel better IYKWIM. AF arrived the morning of the BT

    :bluestick: inkstick:

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2004

    Can't help with your question. I never did a HPT after an IVF - I always waited for the BT and then AF always came before the BT anyway. Mind you, I never thought to do a HPT either!


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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Nov 2003

    Hey Ann,

    Just wanted to wish you lots of luck!! Fingers crossed you get that BFP!

    All the best.


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    BellyBelly Member

    Sep 2004

    OMG triplets Allison - how amazing