Couldn't decide whether to post here, or in the charting forum, maybe I'll do both.

There's a long and confusing story behind how I got to this point, but the short and abridged version is that I started puregon injections on Saturday night, and (at the request of my acupuncturist), resumed charting on Tuesday morning. I thought all was going well until yesterday when my first blood test tells me that not much is happening (estrogen (?) level was 283 - I had enough trouble getting that out of the grumpy nurse, and didn't get a chance to ask what they would have liked it to be) and I need to increase from 150IU of puregon to 300IU.

Same day as the blood test - I end up coming home from work, doubled over in extreme pain. All the clinic can suggest about the pain is that it was perhaps my ovaries hurting as they were just starting to respond.

This morning - a lot less pain, and a huge temperature rise. Now I'm starting to worry that the pain was my ovaries refusing to listen to the lucrin and deciding to ovulate anyway. Either that, or the increase in puregon has contributed (along with a bad night and little sleep) to the rise in body temperature. I went from 36.35 to 36.99, so it was a pretty huge rise.

So, the long-winded way of getting to my question - Does puregon raise your body temperature? Does more puregon mean a higher temp? Could the pain (which had me doubled over and in tears) have been ovulation, or just something freaky resulting from the combination of metformin and too many carbs clashing with constipation from iron tablets?

I know I really do just need to wait and see... but I'm hoping that someone can tell me whether I need to be very concerned or not.