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    Egg donation

    Does anyone know details of the guidelines around egg donation in Australia? (I know a lil, but from US guides I think).. im talking, ages, health, previous pregnancies etc?
    I hope this isnt insensitive to anyone, I just figured some people here may know.. I keep thinking about it and wonder about the restrictions and guidelines that apply.. (it may be that i wouldnt be applicable to donate until ive had a successful pregnancy etc.. if I know this, it means I can stop thinking about it for now..) Do any of the fertility specialists in WA work with this procedure either? Or mainly eastern cities, like Sydney and Melbourne?

    thanks guys if you can help at all,

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    Hi Kirby O
    What a beautiful person you are. It takes a very special lady to consider this.
    I will PM some info to you. Anney has helped me with this.

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    you are a sweet thing to be thinking of others, when I know you so want a bub of you own too!

    I'm not 100% sure, but I believe that donor organisations require that you have completed your own family before becoming an egg donor. Please don't take this as gospel, though.

    I still owe you a coffee when I lug myself down to Bunbury next!


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    oh thats interesting.. my sister has offered that if we are not successful that she would donate - but she also wants another child- so maybe we need to find out what the actual restrictions are

    Kirby - you are very sweet and unselfish to even consider something like this...

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    Hi Kirbay,
    That is a lovely thing you are thinking about. I know a bit about this as we are currently looking for an egg donor. I am hoping to advertise soon on BB actually.
    As far as laws go, each state has there own laws but the laws are not really very stringent, it is the clinic rules that are more stringent. The main law is that in Australia it is illegal to ask for payment for egg donations (or organ or tissue or anything else)
    Most clinics say donors should be 35 or younger and preferably finished their own family. This last requirement is because their is a slim chance that the donor's own fertility could be affected by the hormonal treatment they have to undergo. Because it is relatively new I suppose there could be long term effects not seen yet. But if you want to donate and have not finished your family I think in the end it is up to the donor. I have heard of a few young women not started their families yet, donating to their sisters or cousins.
    WA has a rule that there is a 6 month "cooling off" period I think, Just to make sure no one wants to change their mind.
    I could rattle on forever but I will PM you a link to a site I have joined about it all.

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    Anney and Sue, thank you very much for the site! Its provided lots of info I wanted to know, and more! If anyone else needs info, ask these girls

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    Like you Kirby I would definitely be interested in becoming a donor, as Im told my eggs are very strong and healthy, just the carrying vessel that aint so great! Of course, I cant while ever I am trying for my own family, so its very much on the back burner for now.