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    wynne Guest

    Default embryo transfer ultrasound

    i was interested to know those who undergo embryo transfer procedure also have a ultrasound which is used by the dr to locate the egg. i have heard in perth some places do and dont use the ultrasound for locating the egg during the transfer, but i heard that it may increase the chance of success?

    comments greatly welcome

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    Wynne, I've had five embryo transfers, all without an ultrasound. Four pregnancies have resulted from those transfers, so I honestly believe that ultrasound doesn't have much impact on success at all. I would expect that if your specialist knows what they are doing, then they can get things in the right place without an ultrasound guiding them.

    But if it increases your confidence then it may be a good idea to find a specialist that does use ultrasound to assist transfers.


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    I've had only the one transfer with ultrasound & it was successful.

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    each of my transfers has been with ultrasound - seemed it was more for the nurses confidence than the FS cos he was quite ok (when he located my cervix!). i felt it was kinda for my benefit as well as they froze the image for me to see after the procedure was done...

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    Concept doesn't use ultrasounds but has a great success rate despite the fact they take on 'difficult' cases many other clinics won't even touch. So I do think it's more to do with the skill of your FS than anything.

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    Wynne, I have no idea if it affects the outcome or not, but my last ET was the first time i had it with US and for the first time I felt better about ET and knowing (ie seeing) that it had made it into my uterus. i personally like to see to completely believe i suppose. perhaps it is just there for a patients comfort at some clinics.
    Good luck with it all

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    Hi Wynne,

    I have only had 2 FET and both of mine have been done without ultrasound. I am 5 days Post ET at the moment and I have to tell you I am thinking positive on this one!

    Good luck and I hope all goes well for you

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