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Thread: Empty Arms....Aching Heart

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    Default Empty Arms....Aching Heart

    HI...... I just felt the need to bump this as there are a lot of new members to the LTTC forum and the original link in firemansgirl's post has been archived.
    I have this site bookmarked and was feeling a bit down today and went and revisited.

    It sums up perfectly what we go thorugh as a couple facing fertility issues and the uncertainty of not knowing whether we will ever have our much longed for chidlren in our warned it is definitely a box of tissues job.

    Quote: Firemans Girl

    Hi all the long term TTC ladies out there... Not so long ago whilst surfin' the net... I came across this very beautiful and moving, clip about infertility. I cried within the first 30 seconds of it playing... it just sums up what we and our partners are going through. I have forwarded it onto some of my family members and friends.. maybe this can help them what we feel, and what they don't understand.

    I ask you all out there to watch the clip, it might be the best thing you see all year! Please enjoy

    It is on the vocalicious website and is called empty arms.

    Luv to you all

    ETA: I have just noticed the link has gone from the main page but if you type empty_arms into the address bar after the main link address it will come up IYKWIM
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    OMG...That was so beautiful...Yes I also Cried..... I have only done one cycle of IVF and I was blessed to have fallen pg and had a beautiful baby boy who is now 8 months.....We have used 2 more Embryos but they didnt work and I know how hard and upset I was. I have one more ET being done on the 18th. Looking at that clip, I take my hat off to all you ladies out there that have been doing treatments for weeks, months and evern years. It must be so heartbreaking having to go years to receive what should happen naturally a bundle of joy.

    I wish you ladies all the luck and prayers to have your wishes come true.

    All the best!!!!!!!


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    Thanks for moving that up Melbel, I had not seen it before, but it is beautiful. It felt like some of the words were taken from my own head! I have bookmarked it too. Tissues definately required.

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    What a beautiful piece of work, about a topic that affects many couples who face the sadness and heartbreak of infertility. It certainly touched my heart and i to shed many tears It makes your realise that it such a traumatic experience that one never gets a proper understanding unless you have faced such a sad and what could possibly be a life changing event.

    I hope that ne1 who is facing infertility are not being to hard on themselves, and even tho at this stage im not sure on my situation after 3 m/c's im to now worried about infertility. My heart sinks with the realisation that i could face the same worries, sadness and heartache. for the answers that i need and ne 1 else who is ttc to conceive as well.

    Take care every1

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    Hi guys,

    just a quick reminder that you can't post links here. If you really can't find it by googling, email me on [email protected], and I'll send it to you.

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    I just watched this & through tears.... Thanks so much for posting it......

    I wish you all babies in the very near future.......

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