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Thread: Feeling discouraged after clomid failure

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    BW, I agree with the other girls. Just because you didn't ovulate on 50mg doesn't mean you won't on 100mg or 150mg. There's quite a few steps between here and IVF for you missy!! I am glad you are seeking out another specialist. I did too and am so glad now that i did.

    Remember what happened with me? I started on 25mg and nothing happened. My dose was increased the next cycle and my prog. levels went from about 20 to 60 so it can definately make a huge difference.

    GL with finding a new dr. I'd recommend mine (he's the same specialist that Keen sees) but he's in the city and I know you wanted one closer to home.

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    Hi BW,
    I just wanted to correct what I said about the CREI, as I just looked it up on the internet and it is an Australia/NZ certificate that Obstetrician/Gynaecologists can do, Seems that you will only find them attached to IVF clinics as a requirement is to be working with infertility for a large percentage of their time. If you google CREI you will see a result titled Certificate in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. the file it points to has a list of doctors with that certificate in each state. Perhaps the ones that don't list it after their names have done something similar overseas and don't list it as would not be easily recognised.
    I don't think Keen's doctor is on the list but I believe he is overseas trained so may haev done the equivalent overseas.

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    failed x3 rounds of clomid i am on my first round of perugon i have been on it for 19 days and no luck my doc has increased my dosage. i am so sick of these needles we have been ttc for nearly 2 years and i am 25 years if age. its been an emotional rollercoaster. its really hard as i have pcos i dont know what to do i get very emotional.

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