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Thread: Fertility assistance, Clomid? any advice what to expect?

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    Question Fertility assistance, Clomid? any advice what to expect?

    hi all,
    I am not totally sure if should post here or not?
    I had some problems early in ttc & was informed that at 37 (I am now 38) 6 months was how long i should wait before seeking more assistance. At that time I saw the gyno bc of sudden cycle issues.
    Sadly my 6 months is up, we have actually been trying since last may so it's almost a year. ANNNyyyway...
    I am back on CD1 again and my appointment is for more than a week away, I think I'll be cycle day 10-12 by then. I am wondering if I'd be wise to try to get in to see him asap incase theres anything that can be done this cycle? ie, if I am going to have to take any drugs for O or if theres any post O issues, would I need to wait until the start of the next cycle if I go in almost mid cycle?
    I am thinking I may have to go on clomid. Appartently everything looks fine and in working order. Any advice on clomid? Is that the kind of situation you are given it?
    I am pretty sure I ovulate but I may have a short or varying luteal phase. I just don't know what to expect. Can anyone give me tips on what to do and if I should get my appointment brought forward if it is possible?

    Any advice would be fantastic. I want to be proactive and confident when I go in this time!

    thanks, sassba

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    Hey Sassba

    Sorry to hear about your TTC trials...I know them well!!!

    We tried for 3 years until I got my first BFP ever...and that was on my first cycle of clomid.

    I ovulate...but I think my main problem was that my hormone levels were just a little low to sustain a pregnancy...the clomid acted like a "turbo" hormonal boost for me (it tricks your body into making more oestrogen) and I finally conceived...

    I took clomid on cycle days 9-13...though I think most people take them for day 2-7...the only reason I took them then was that my Dr. review appointment was on day 8 and I wanted to start as soon as possible...(we had already had 2 months of testing!)

    Prior to starting clomid, my fertility specialist ran a whole lot of tests...blood tests, ultrasounds, HSG (when they put dye through your fallopian tubes). My DH had a sperm test...every thing came back totally normally, except my hormone levels were a little low (but not significantly)...after 2 months of tests, I started clomid...and thankfully only needed 1 cycle...I also have fibroids, but was told they shouldn't be in the way of my fertility...

    The other thing I started was charting through Fertility Friend...I think that made a huge difference. Oh...we also used preseed...which is a sperm friendly lubricant...I ordered that from Lullaby Conceptions (online)...

    When you see your doctor, he may want to do some tests first, prior to starting you on clomid...he'll probably want to check whether you are O-ing...and what your hormone levels are like through your cycle...he may want you to have some ultrasound scans just to check your 'internal structures'...

    My only piece of advice is to go in there proactive and prepared...we waited too long and listened to too many Gyn's saying "just wait a bit longer"...and I wish I had been more proactive in seeking out solutions...I know I was frustrated with our final Fertility Specialist (who's now my Obstetrician!) as he wanted to do all these tests first....but I'm really glad he did...

    Oh...and I didn't really have any side effects on the clomid...which was good...

    Wishing you all the very very best...

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    Default thanks

    thanks Monnie,

    that is all pretty reassuring. Hopefully I wont need too much testing because when we started ttc I had some cycle issues pop up and was sent to the gyno back then, october last year. I had blood tests and I've had two internal U/s showing that I O'd those particular months. I just really want to get to it! I am sick of waiting and worrying that there is more we could do.
    Thanks again for your insight and congrats on your impending baby joy!

    thanks, sassba

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    Hi Sassba,

    Welcome to BB, hope you stay is short, but sweet.
    I have just started on my fourth cycle of Clomid. I also ovulate naturally and have had a whole range of tests (HSG, Laparoscopy, Hystroscopy, Ultasounds) that have shown no cause for our infertility. My husbands SA have been ok as well. The first course of action our gyno took, after the laparoscopy, etc was to start me on 50mg of Clomid. It appears to be the first step in many cases.
    I take my Clomid on CD5-9, however I have heard of other dates.
    As our gyno will not do any more cycles of Clomid, we have been referred to IVF and will be heading down that path if this cycle is unsuccessful.
    All the best for your journey

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