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Thread: First Time Clomid

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    Amanda Mason Guest

    Default First Time Clomid

    Hi there,

    This coming cycle will be my first time trying clomid. Did anyone experience any really bad symptoms?

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    skyelar Guest


    Hi Amanda if you have a look in TTC Buddies there is a thread for ppl using Clomid. You will get plenty of answers there.

    I have been on CLomid for 8 months. I found taking the tablets at night much better than during the day. I slept through most side effects that way.

    The first month was definately the worst for me
    *cranky and impatient
    *very thirsty!

    Now I don't even notice side effects, good luck TTC I hope Clomid does the trick for you!


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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Hi Amanda

    The worst symptoms for me were hot flushes and I was really moody and hormonal!

    Goodluck............................ [-o<

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    Hi Amanda, the only symptom I noticed was just being a bit moody - otherwise I really haven't had any symptoms from any of the IVF drugs I have been on - not sure if that's good or bad! Sometimes I wonder if having some side effects shows that they're actually working!

    Good luck with the clomid and ttc.


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    tiamiami Guest


    Amamnda. Welcome
    My first month I had hot flashes and moodand a migrane in the middle of the night but the second and third month only hot flashes and moody.
    Good luck in your journey in TTC.

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    Amanda Mason Guest


    Thanks Guys, All this info really does help!

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