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Thread: Flare Cycle - falling?

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    I'm new to BB, but unfortunately not new to IVF. My DH and I are currently on our 3rd full stim cycle, we've been TTC since October 2004, and like a lot of couples we really thought that 2007 was going to be the year when we'd start our family, but it wasn't to be.

    So, here we are, on a 'flare' cycle. Today I went for the first scan and blood test. The scan was OK, only 5 follies on one side and only 2 on the other - not great, but at least we thought the quality was going to be better, rather than poor quantity but increased follies (as previously). Anyway, the nurse called this afternoon to tell me that my levels have dropped, which is not good, and FS doesn't know why. They've increased my dose to 150 purgeon (spelling?), and I am also injecting the ovi (not sure of name and am too tired to go to fridge to check - sorry). Does anyone know if this might still be a viable cycle, or can give any advice???

    I'm really scared that this cycle will be cancelled, apart from the money, savings are rapidly depleting, I was psyched for this cycle to work as it's the first time we've tried this different protocol, and if it's cancelled I don't know how I'll cope.

    On top of this, I've just read a rather weird and nasty email from my SIL - who is totally self absorbed at the best of times, and although she doesn't know we're doing this again, I'm really upset that I now feel stressed at what amounts to a misunderstanding between her and my DH - why drag me into it????

    Sorry to rant - I needed to get it off my chest. I really need to cry but the tears won't come.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this from a newcomer.


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    RH I can't say I've heard of levels falling if you're on FSH. But will be crossing my fingers for a turn of luck for you. It's not easy when there are outside stresses too. Try to keep yourself apart from the drama, esp if it doesn't concern you. Look after yourself first.

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    hi RH, welcome to BB! i am glad you have found us 7 follies is still a pretty good start and there is always the likelihood a couple more will come on in the coming days. as you say they are after quality eggs as well. i haven't heard of levels falling but hopefully with your increase in puregon to 150 that will get things moving along.

    i don't know your clinic's policy but at mine if they cancel for medical reasons (as opposed to you deciding you want to stop) all the fee is refunded by Medicare. perhaps check with your clinic if you are concerned about it. there may also be something in the registration pack you received.

    i hope you are doing ok, and as hard is it is try to remove yourself from other petty squabbles or ignore them the best you can. not something you need ontop of the stresses of IVF.

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    Just wanted to say welcome, RH. There's some very knowledgable people here so stick about.

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    Hi RH

    As the others have said welcome to BB!
    I have only ever done flare cycles, and my levels were never tested did the FS say anything about follicle size? Are they still growing bigger even with the drop in levels? Good luck with the increase in dosage!


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    Thanks for everyone's replies and welcomes! It's great to find people who are in similar situations and who are understanding. My closest friends live OS so I don't feel that I get much support here (apart from DH).

    I'm going for another scan and blood test tomorrow morning so I'm really hoping that the result will be good. No doubt I won't get much sleep tonight.

    Shannon22 - the nurse said that the follies were OK, one quite large which might not be good, but a couple were 14 yesterday. So they do seem to be growing at least - which I would have thought was good???

    Have to dash off to my acupuncture appointment now, more needles.


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