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Thread: Forgetting Synarel

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    29 1st ivf cycle unexplained infertilityJ

    ust wanted to know ho forgetting to take synarel can affect the success of the whole IVF process. I normally take it at 730am and 730pm there have been two times when I was just under half an hour late cause I got engrosed watchinh tv.

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    half an hour shouldn't make any difference. i was told to be 12 hours apart, and as close to exact as possible, but a few minutes here and there wouldn't matter. was almost an hour late cos i got home later than anticipated from work one night and when i went for my initial BT's to see if hormones were at right level to start the injections, it was all fine, so obviously didn't make a difference. i think if you were regularly letting it go an hour or more over, then you might have an issue, but a small delay shouldn't be an issue

    try what i do - an alarm on the phone to remind me every night!!

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    I wouldn't think it would matter either, as long as you take it as soon as you forget

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    my nurse told me it didn't matter and I was 2hrs or more late ...but she said try not to do it too often.
    I set my mobile phone and clock radio alarms after that to be sure
    goodluck with your cycle

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