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Thread: Frozen embroyo transfer

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    Default Frozen embroyo transfer

    Can somebody please explain to me the procedure of a frozen transfer..

    I have just had a fresh cylce but feel like it is not taking and just wondering what will be installed for me to undergo the frozen cycle...

    Are there as many needles and blood tests???

    Any help would be great


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    Firstly ...Goodluck and I hope you are wrong and you don't need FET

    basically on a natural cycle with no drugs they will track your cycle and monitor you for ovulation - they will do a few bloodtests to measure estogen and LH surge. (sometimes a u/s to check lining thickeness)
    One cycle I had 5 BT - the next 2 BT to detect LH surge (ovulation)

    Then put back embryo at right day - ie 2 day embryo put back 2 days after Ovulation

    Sometimes they give you progesterone support but not usually

    On medicated cycle they will give you oral tablets usually to programme your cycle more exactly and induce thick endometrium lining - then they put back embryo

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