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Thread: FS Second Opinion?

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    Default FS Second Opinion?

    We went to our first FS consultation a few weeks ago. Whilst the meeting was informative (nothing our GP couldnt answer) and expensive, the FS told us we where 'normal' after reviewing our blood tests, SA and BT charts and told us to continue trying for another 4-6 months then come back for a laparoscopy (what was he thinking??).

    We asked for some tests and the only one that was agreed on was progesterone to check for ovulation. We asked for the HSG test and it was long windily explained it was not necessary in our case.

    Why would a laparoscopy be recommended prior to a HSG or ultrasound tubal patency test? Surly a laparoscopy is much more invasive than a HSG/ultrasound tubal patency test!

    The only supplements was advised was folic acid. Other supplements like levit <sp>, multivitamins, zinc tables was all frowned upon and considered a waste of money.

    We left feeling doubtful with this FS as he was pushy and the feeling to wanting to do things his way. He appeared frustrated when we explained how and what we needed. Definitely, not something we needed.

    Is it common for folks to approach another FS for 2nd diagnosis? We might get a copy of the results of the tests we have done so far and get a second opinion from another FS.

    As always thank you for the input and advise. This forum has really been helping us navigate these uncharted waters for us.

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    Gonna_be_dad - sorry i cant help you much - im prob as helpful as that FS of yours! im glad i have a good one! and he cost nothing at this stage!
    All i can do is hope that you and your partner get some answers soon - this site if very helpful and im sure that there will be lots of people in here that will be able help and to give you some advice!
    Goodluck with everything!

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    GBD, I think it is crucial that you both get along well with your FS. If you are uncomfortable with him for whatever reason, I'd certainly think about getting a second opinion. Tos ome extent doctors can only interpret medicine, so different docs can approach the same issue in very different ways. There is no point sticking with this bloke if you feel you can't discuss your views with him.

    That said, you need to be mindful of accepting the doctor/s educated view on matters, provided that they can reasonably and happily justify it to you both.

    And finally, try not to stress too much. It's still reasonably early in your TTC journey and you have had one early m/c which indicates to me that things are heading in the right direction if only from a purely mechanical perspective. By all means investigate potential issues, but don't exhaust yourself trying to cover all the possible bases at this stage.

    Good luck.

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    GBD, I notice that you are in Sydney... So am I, so my doctors could be of interest to you.

    I think it's fairly normal for people to seek a second opinion, and it's something I would definitely advise you to do if you aren't happy in any way with the current FS.

    We did when I wanted answers to the questions of why I miscarried... We found them, but in the end are sticking with our original FS.

    Think of it like this - you wouldn't trust your car to a mechanic who fobs you off and won't answer your questions, so why do you trust your body (or your wife's body in this case) and your desire to have a child to someone who treats you in such a dismissive manner?

    I love both of my specialists, and I honestly feel like I can recommend both of them... the one I suggest depends pretty much on the exact circumstances, though.

    One focuses on physical and emotional wellbeing at the same time as IVF - he'll kick your butt around if he picks something as being not right, but he'll answer all your questions, and he can do the gentle stuff when necessary. I like him because he prefers to do natural FET cycles and has even devised a method of getting me to ovulate with minimal side effects. Long story, but I've become extremely sick with OHSS on both stim cycles and don't ovulate by myself due to PCOS. He consults in Parramatta and Liverpool (and possibly Campbeltown).

    The other is the miscarriage guru. If there's a reason for a miscarriage, he'll find it and help fix it. I haven't had as much experience with him, but I do keep in touch with him via email to ask questions about the treatment he's got set out for me. He has rooms in Kogarah and the city, I think, possibly a few other places.

    If either of them appeal, let me know and I'll give you more details. They are both with different IVF clinics... I'd have been quite happy with doctor number 2, but the distances to travel for us were extreme and makes it impossible to see him on an ongoing basis.

    Good luck with everything.


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    Hi GBD,
    Personally, the whole infertility journey is hard enough without having second thoughts about your FS. Find someone you like, trust and respect.

    My DH hates doctors and is bloody rude to them, so you can imagin how well he took it when our issues were due to MFI . But we found a FS who DH gets along with and who puts up with him, as well as answering all our questions and being available all the time if we just have a question. So, what am I trying to say...get a second opinion, and a third etc utill you find someone you both like, and who you feel confident in about their suggested approach to your situation. They may suggest the same as the first dr - who knows - but you may have more confidence in them and be more accepting and trusting of their advice.

    Good luck and hope that you find a good FS .

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