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    Hi, this is the first time i've posted in this section, feels strange and scary to do so, like admitting things aren't quite right. our doc is trying to work out why i haven't been falling preg for over a year. my progesterone levels were low in a blood test, i've had mid cycle bleeding, and i'm going nuts with the whole thing! doc is thinking it might be endometriosis, and that i might need clomid cos of the progesterone thingy. all this talk is new to me, it's making my head spin! i've got a referral to a gyno, apparently they aren't easy to get into, but it will be worth it.

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    Goodluck with everything Froofy. Keep us posted on how you are getting along.

    Love :smt049

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    Goodluck with your appoinment Froofy. Hopefully the DR can work out exactly what's happening for you.

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    All the very best Froofy - keep us posted on how things go for you.

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    Good Luck to you Froofy

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    Good luck, Froofy! I hope the doctors can get everything sorted out for you soon.

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    Good luck Froofy. It is a bit scary admitting that things are exactly right, but hopefully yr gynae will set you back on track asap. Thinkin of you xx

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    I know exactly what you mean about admitting that not all is well.....most of us in the TTC forums can relate to you. Which is great news for you, 'cause one of us is always around to lend a shoulder.

    And judging by the amount of posts we do in short periods of time, we never get sick of talking about TTC, HPTs, OPKs, endo, clomid, IVF, blood tests, ultrasounds, BDing, AF, suspected pregnancies, actual pregnancies, miscarriages, relationship problems and any of the million other things we share....

    You're in good company.

    :hbeat: Hayseed

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