thread: Going through IVF - anyone else?

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    Going through IVF - anyone else?

    Hi all, just wanted to talk to some people that might be experiencing the same things that my husband and I are, whilst we are undergoing IVF. We have been TTC for 3 long years now, and have been on IVF for almost 12 months. Prior to that, we were on a variety of fertility treatments.

    I have just had my embryo implanted after our second egg collection and now I am faced with the gruelling TWW (well its actually 10 days now - but still gruelling!!).

    Anyone else wanna share their thoughts or experiences?

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    Feb 2004

    Hi Bel, welcome to BB

    We were headed down the IVF path, but had a miracle occur about 4 weeks ago. I got pregnant with a VERY low sperm count.

    Lots of luck with the IVF. Fingers crossed that your TWW flies by and you can come over to the !st trimester forum soon

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    May 2004

    Hi Bel, welcome to BB! Good luck with the tww. I'm Jo and have a 16 month old son who was concieved through ICSI. We will be jumping back on the bandwagon in September to try for number 2. My story is here somewhere....

    Cheers Jo

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    Mar 2004
    Wales, UK

    Hi! Good luck with your 2ww!

    We're on the waiting list for IVF. What's it like? Is it stressful?

    Hoping this is your month [-o<

    Love Gwen x

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    belmarks Guest

    Hi Gwen,

    Thanks for your positive thoughts.

    IVF is stressful, but don't be put off by all the information that you receive in the beginning stages. 8-[

    Once you get started, its pretty smooth sailing and it just becomes part of your everyday life. You just live with it and you don't notice how much it affects your life until you go for that egg collection or your pregnancy test or the egg transfer. Apart from those times, its just routine. Once you get into the swing of it, its ok...

    Just be conscious of the statistics, don't forget what they tell you in the beginning about how only a certain percentage of people fall in the first month etc. I did that (forgot) and was completely let down when it didn't happen for us. But if you just remember that every time you do it, you are closer to getting the one that you want. I know its hard to hear the words "you're not pregnant" but just remember, you will have enough eggs to keep going back for more transfers. And YOU WILL GET PREGNANT!!

    Stay positive, and if you need someone to chat to about treatments, or if you are worried about what stage you are up to, please don't hesitate to give me a yell, I'm only too pleased to talk about the treatments, and its nice to hear about other people's experiences too.

    GOOD LUCK! I'll send you some baby dust for luck!! inkdust:

    Bel :smt006 :smt049

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    Nov 2003
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    Hey Bel

    I am usually in the TTC forum but have decided that I need to venture out of there and into the reality!

    Mine is a long story, but basically I have been TTC for 3 yrs, had 5 m/cs in 12 months and it has been hell. I am off to my OB again today and the last time I saw him he mentioned that the next step if the last cycle didnt work would be to go down the IVF route! Freaky!!

    He did say something about testing the quality of my eggs or something as that may be the problem why I keep m/cing, he actually said 'maybe your eggs are off!' I was shocked and couldnt stop laughing. He doesnt like to use a lot of medical terms as people dont understand. So he has suggested that we do something called embryo selection so that they only implant the good ones (if there are any) and see if that helps.

    I am hoping that people who really understand IVF will be able to help me understand and hopefully we can help each other through this latest journey!

    Feel free to email me at anytime, if you want.

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    dolphin22 Guest

    Hi Belmarks,

    My partner and i have been trying to concieve for 2 years now. I was on clomid, then had the insemination, (this is our first one we are trying for), now have to wait 2 weeks and isnt it hard??
    How are you getting by Bel?? It seems like the days are dragging on dont they??
    Good Luck with it all. Please keep me updated and tell me how you go.

    Take Care

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    Jun 2004

    Hi Bel, Cindy, Dinky and others

    Mine is also quite a long story, but I have had 3 attempts at IVF with a 'naturally conceived' preganancy just after my last go (which ended in miscarriage).

    I suppose I have been on IVF for about 18months and the TTW is a killer. Not even hubby's empathise. Every time I went to the toilet, I'd be scared to look at my knickers...just in case there was a blood stain. And I remember with almost precision accurateness the emotions I felt when indeed AF did turn up (always before the 14 days mark post insem).

    As I said above, I recently had a miscarriage (twins) so I have not long had a D&C and then a few weeks after a laporoscopy. That was about 2 and a bit weeks ago (??? time flies..) I have an appointment to see my specialist on the 16th Sept to talk about the next steps which will be another crack at IVF, but this time using the GIFT technique rather than the 'true' IVF where the eggs are fertilized outside the body.

    My problem doesn't seem to be getting pregnant - I could almost fall in by just looking at my DH during my fertile times - but rather staying pregnant is my issue. Problem is, most of my pgs don't want to end my themselves and therefore I have been almost at the end of my forst tri by the time we find out that the pg has failed. Very frustrating.

    Anyway, I've blabbed on enough. I too am also happy to talk about anything...treatments, emotions, grumblings over the costs!!!....


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    belmarks Guest

    Hi Hayseed, Cindy and Dinky,
    thanks for your replies. Its really appreciated. Well we went through another cycle of IVF, this time we got to try a "natural" cycle instead of a frozen cycle. But again, it didn't work? What am I going to do? Its very frustrating. I almost tore strips off my poor specialist the day after my negative result. The poor thing, I think he's at a loss to know what to do aswell, but hey, if he doesn't know, then who does?? ](*,)

    Its all very well for them to say "oh we'll try another cycle" \/ but its not them paying for it, and going through it. Its so emotional and so expensive, but most of these specialists are men, and they wouldn't have a bloody clue about the emotional side of it, nor the poking and prodding that they give you and how invasive it all is.

    We were sent to have a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy and a D & C before the last go, and I was assured that more women fall pregnant after a D & C and he has also put me on a new drug called metformin, which also increases the chances of falling (apparently!). And of course, none of that worked for me. I seem to always be the exception to the rule! Anyway, when I kinda got stuck into my specialist, he has now put me on another drug called Dexamethasone, which is supposed to help your adrenal gland produce a hormone (which mine was producing only small amounts of) and this hormone apparently helps with keeping the pregnancy. So maybe Hayseed, you can ask your specialist about Metformin and Dexamethasone? It can't hurt....

    So the specialist told me that he wanted me to "have a break" this month and then go back next month and have another go at IVF. He wants to see if I will cycle on my own - fat chance it hasn't ever happened really.... so I'm just having a month off and I must admit, having the time of my life. I can actually have fun and have a few drinks and not worry about the consequences! Its great!

    Girls, make sure you keep me up to date on your progress. Dinky, how did you go at the Gyno last time? What did he say about your eggs? Are you going to start IVF? Let me know if you wanna chat about it, or need help with anyting. Im only too willing to lend a hand.

    Cindy, how did the TTW go? Its horrible isn't it? Any luck??

    Anyway guys, please keep me up to date on all your progress, and good luck!! inkdust:

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    Bel - I am sorry you're having a rough trot :hugs: Dinky has actually graduated, I am sure she pops in here every now and again though so she can tell you more. Also there are a few girls already on Metformin in the TTC threads, so if you wanted to duck in there to ask some questions, I am sure they can give you their experiences with it. All the very best, and fingers all crossed for some great news for you soon. You're always welcome to come in and vent whenever you need to - that's what we're here for Take care.

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    Jun 2004

    Hi Bel (and others),

    Thanks for the tip about the drugs. I will certainly ask. I was referred to my specialist (is actaully Nick L - the gyno specialist on this web site) by my cousin who has 21 goes on IVF ! Wow. I suppose you do what you think you've gotta do. Maybe I'll do it to?????

    Anyway, I went to see Nick basically because of the Colorado technique or procedure, and I'm pretty sure that Dexam... is one of the drugs used. However, we are going to give the GIFT a try, so I'm not sure whether we can comnbine this with the Colorado stuff as well (which is, if you don't know, just a different regime of the type of drugs and the way you take them.......I gather!)

    I too feel like I'm the exception to the damn rule. Everytime a doctor quotes some percentage, I seem to be in the minority that it "hardly ever happens to". yeah right. They should start testing me for all the far flung things that only 1 in 1,000,000 ever get! I sometimes think, that if even one person can be affected, then how in the hell do they know it's not what's wrong with me???!!!

    I didn't know Dinky had graduated....to first tri??? I'll have to go hunting! Obviously things worked out well for her!

    So what is the metaformin? What does it work on (ovaries, cycles...)?

    Speak soon


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    Sep 2004

    Just starting IVF

    Hubby and I have been TTC for 3 and a half years, and after 3 MC and 12 months of clomid we are about to start on the IVF course. We were originally treated with quite a it of disrespect because of our age (Hubby - 29 and I - 26). It was suggested we were too young. After I told them that I did not wish to lose another baby they apologised but we changed IVF groups anyway.

    Trial wash for hubby is being carried out now and we are awaiting results from this. Scared, nervous, excited, everything at once 8-[ .

    Hoping to talk to anyone who has been successful on this path and what I should look out for.

    Best of luck to anyone else who is hoping they will soon be on the preggers bandwagon, too.

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    Hi Keenas

    Just want to wish you the best with IVF and Welcome to BellyBelly

    Love :hbeat:

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    Jun 2004


    I've posted above in this thread, so you've probably picked up on my story.

    When are you starting your drugs for IVF? Do you know what program you're going to be on?

    There are a few of us on IVF - we also post in the TTC forum and the TTC after miscarriage.

    It will be great to hear from you on your progress on IVF.


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    Nov 2003

    Hi KeenAs,

    Welcome to BellyBelly. I'm sorry to hear about your losses :hugs: Good luck with the IVF. Looking forward to getting to know you more around the forums

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    Sep 2004
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    Just reading this thread and I know it sounds silly, but after going through 2 months of feeling like DH and I were the only two people going through IVF, it feels like home to see all of you out there feeling what I'm feeling and going through the same insanity I am. This last two months have felt like I'm going crazy sometimes.
    Anyone need a ear and a prayer, I'm your girl.


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    Sep 2004

    Thanks to everyone who has been so nice with their warm wishes and kind thoughts.

    We have had our trialwash completed and I am now just ensuring my own health - Our IVF clinic requires you to get all sorts of cancer scans done to make sure you have a clean bill of health in that area (which is reassuring, I guess). :doc:

    As soon as that is done we start with the injections - so should be about end of September, start of October when the actual process truly gets underway.

    Im so excited to think that we may have a bun in the oven before xmas! Have to keep pinching myself to convince myself that this might actually happen and work! \/

    Got my AF today though which is always difficult :smt022

    So the rollercoaster continues...

    GOOD LUCK to Bell & Hubby - hope all goes well next time.

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    Jun 2004

    good luck with it KeenAs. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed for you!