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Thread: Good Follicle Size

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    Question Good Follicle Size

    had my second scan today and i have about a dozen follies ranging from 10 - 21mm. only 1 is 21mm the rest are between 10-15mm (average 14mm) does anyone know what size they should be before the trigger?

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    Hi Sonya,

    The ideal size is around 20mm for trigger...they normally grow about 1-2 mm per day and FS would wait until the small ones to catch up for trigger so that you can have the best result...

    I was in the similar situation like you dozen of small ones between 10-14mm and only one big ones, I think it was two days later I had my trigger and I got 15 eggs out of that...yours look like well on track, congrats!

    Hope all goes well and keep us posted.

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